10 Best Way To Teaching Children At Home During Covid-19

According to various experts, there are many benefits to teaching children at home

Millions of children around the world, including India, are currently confined to their homes for fear of the Corona epidemic. But if they are not taught, they will quickly forget their lesson.

In this regard, prominent teachers in the United States and Europe have outlined some methods that can be very useful for parents who are concerned about their children’s education. Here I am going to share with you 10 Best ways to teaching children at home during Covid-19.

 1: Decorate the school, make it a routine

Teaching Children At Home

Allocate a room at home for a virtual school. If possible, have children wear uniforms so that they can psychologically understand it during school hours. This is the advice of Brian Gallon, a teacher who says children are addicted and take advantage of it. Also, announce the timetable and schedule. Children can also be consulted so that they can take an interest.

Micah Sheppi, an eighth-grade social studies teacher, says homeschooling should be half the time of actual school. If they study 6 hours in school, then you make home school hours 3 hours.

 2: Use a planner

Write to the children and give them work under the planner. Christina, who teaches English to sixth graders, says to write down each child’s daily routine in a planner that will motivate the children and motivate them to work harder.

3: Interval during lessons

Caitlin Dolphin, a fifth-grade teacher, says that although school or half-time at school is their own, give them a few moments of leisure to talk about each lesson at home. Then teach the lesson of the second article.

4: Get help from teachers

Caitlin’s other suggestion is that not all parents can be teachers because familiarity with educational psychology is essential. Nor can parents become teachers in a few days. Help can also be sought from a teacher around you or online. There are several educators on Facebook who are there to help.

 5: Take care of children’s mental health

mental health
mental health

There is no doubt that this epidemic has caused psychological problems for all of us. That is why it is so important to check the mental health of children because they are feeling trapped. Try to keep them as positive as possible.

If they want to play with you for a while, don’t refuse. If you want to take a walk at home, do it.

 6: Pay attention to the acquisition trend

Remember that each student learns in their way and their learning ability is also different. So keep thinking about how to teach your child. If that doesn’t work, take another step. But remember that children’s homeschooling is very effective, it just needs to be adapted to the child’s needs, values ​​, and lifestyle.

 7: Get help online

Teaching Children At Home

There are many lectures by authoritative teachers on YouTube and other platforms on home reading and teaching. You can also get guidance from them. These websites include News ELA and Red Works.  Remember the Brain Pop website for teaching science.  Dreambox and Zarn’s website can be useful for maths.

 8: All involved in teaching

If the parents themselves teach the child, it will motivate the children and you will definitely learn something yourself. Craig Kanner, an educational psychologist, says that both father and mother teach children. As soon as you get involved in teaching children, the best results will begin to emerge.

 9: Put the children’s opinion first

It’s time to dump her and move on. The secret of how much they are interested in the subject will be revealed to you. Throughout the homework process, keep asking children what they are learning and what they are interested in.

Take their issues personally

10:  Take their issues personally

Whenever a child is having trouble, handle it properly, and do not scold him in front of everyone. Or do anything else but take them separately and explain. It will be very easy to do. If a child fights with their bother and sister or does something during home school. Explain to him that you are not happy with his behavior and instead of scolding him, explain it with love. Because children understand only the language of love.

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