12 Simple (But Important) Things To Become A Good Teacher

A good Teacher impact has on everyone’s lives is undeniable. It is likely the explanation huge numbers of us picked it as a profession either because we were enlivened by an incredible teacher. Here are given 12 simple (But Important) things to become a good teacher.


Take teaching as a responsibility, not as a profession. Teaching is not for time pass or its purpose should not earn money. A true teacher always thinks that I am doing it for myself and not for others and it gives energy to my soul. The energy of the soul is the real fulfillment.


A good Teacher is always motivated and full of energy. He transfers the energy of his soul to his children through his style and behavior. He has true concerns.


a good teacher to be experienced

It doesn’t matter for a good teacher to be experienced, but it is important to have a grip on his subject.  It is the responsibility of the teacher to plan the lesson. Although he has subject command, start perusing the book himself since adapting never closes. Also, the strategy for assessment is the best.


Measure the quality of a teacher is a great leader and in order to build a successful organization, it is necessary to give a leading role to the teacher.

Therefore, the teacher should play the role of the best driver and take the car to pleasant places. It’s one of the quality of a good teacher


A teacher must be reassuring.  The secret of success is to believe in God and God’s grace.  Let the children know that the belief at a first number, not the intelligence. Therefore, convince the children of their ability and hard work that the Lord has never wasted anyone’s hard work.  Whenever a person starts moving forward, nature helps him and starts paving the way for him.

When you sincerely desire something, it is a positive force, and everything in the universe helps you to achieve it.


A good teacher is purposeful

A good teacher is purposeful. His goal is not to make money like a day laborer but to give vision to children.

Create a purpose in your life to become the best teacher because it is important to have a purpose. You also have a purpose. If you have a purpose in life, this awareness will be passed on to your children.

Remember, life without purpose is the life of an animal, so give children big dreams and give them the great name of dream interpretation (hard work and belief), so inspire them to believe in their hard work.


A good teacher knows how to make a team and is always a cooperative person. To cooperate with the student and do not humiliate them so that respect and love are created in the heart of the child for you and respect and love are created for you.  Respect and love for your subject.

Every human being in the world wants to develop and the basic formula of development is cooperation ie when you cooperate with others you are not cooperating with others but are cooperating with yourself.


A good teacher is always virtuous, he influences the new generation with his character.  Remember that the most successful people in the world are always with great character.


A teacher always has convincing power

A teacher always has convincing power, his accent, body language and expression are excellent.  He is an expert in his affairs and works as a sailor who knows how to sail.

The teacher can take children out of space and time. He is not the only teacher who cannot engage the class. Remember when the teacher’s body, mind, and soul are in harmony, the children themselves.  Will be engaged and the tone will be so effective that children will not get bored and sleep.


A good teacher has a vision, he is well aware of the outcomes in return for input.

He knows why he is teaching. What will be the result? He knows how many generations his hard work will affect. So don’t take teaching as a small task because that is what makes nations.


A good teacher is thankful. If God has given you something and you start to include others in it, then you are a grateful person. A practical thankfulness is to give your knowledge to others.


A good teacher teaches with passion. He goes beyond the subject and gives life to the children. So teach and teach life to the children so that the color is created in the children.  There is a twinkle in the eye

Therefore, teaching like a corpse in the classroom and going home is not teaching, but teaching to inspire children and generate passion.

A good teacher knows that I am not enough, I need many people like me, and so he transfers this consciousness to others, which not only races but also nations.

In short

Be hopeful, don’t pass on frustrations to children, and don’t complicate them. Work on yourself and develop your personality. Be grateful. Your manners will make you think that you are a teacher and people will idealize you.  Instead of teaching linguistics, color, race, and sectarianism, teach them to be human and to be one.

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