This Is How You Can Keep Lungs Healthy And Safe In The Phase Of COVID-19

The lungs act as air filters for the body. Even minor defects can cause many serious problems. Take special care of this organ during the time of COVID infection. And keep lungs healthy and safe in the phase of COVID-19.

If we talk about the major organs of the body. Then from this point of view, the lungs are of the greatest importance because of these we can breathe. Together with the nose and respiratory tubes. They work to deliver pure oxygen inside the body and expel carbon dioxide. Even though they occur inside the body, they are most affected by any kind of infection or pollution. Coronavirus also directly affects a person’s lungs. The most worrying thing is that no such technology is available yet in the field of medical science that lungs can be transplanted like kidney, liver, or heart. Hence we need to keep lungs healthy and safe in the phase of COVID-19 and take special care of our lungs.

How it’s work

Every cell needs pure oxygen to keep our body alive. The responsibility for accomplishing this rests on our respiratory system. Which, along with the nose, respiratory tubes, and lungs, conducts the breathing and exhalation process. During breathing, air through the nose reaches the lungs. Some parts of the dust and particulate bacteria present in it. And get filter within the nose but this is not enough.

In the lungs, there are numerous innumerable small air-like ventilators, known as acinus. These air systems in the lungs filter the air again. In this way, blood gets oxygen and through the heart. Pure oxygen-rich blood is supply to every part of the body. After this, the lungs filter the remaining air again by filtering out the harmful elements present in the body through the process of exhaling. If the lungs do not do their job properly, bacteria and viruses present in the contaminated air can enter the blood. And damage other major organs of the body, including the heart.

Therefore, for a healthy and active life, the lungs of a person should also be completely strengthened. And this will be possible only when we understand the functioning of the lungs and take care of their safety.

When is the blockage

The virus and bacteria present in the environment cause lung infection and inflammation, which is called pneumonia. Fast or slow breathing, hearing of wheezing, cough, and fever are the main symptoms. The immune system of young children and the elderly is very weak. Therefore, this problem is often seen in them. Pollution is the biggest enemy of the lungs. Harmful chemicals begin to accumulate in the lungs and respiratory tubes of people who smoke more.

Usually, the airways are slightly wet from inside but due to smoke, dust, and air pollution. The lubricant inside them gets dried and clings to the inner walls of the respiratory tubes. This causes a person to have trouble breathing. In the changing climate, harmful bacteria are more active and the immune system has to work harder to fight them. So some people have trouble breathing even during this time. In severe conditions, there is also obstruction in the way of reaching oxygen to the brain. Such a condition is called CPOD i.e. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

In such a situation, the patient needs to be administered with a nebulizer, and the doctor checks with a pulse oximeter to check whether the brain is getting enough oxygen. If oxygen saturation in the brain is less than 90 percent, then a person needs to be given oxygen separately. In such a situation, it may also be possible to get him to admit to the hospital for some time. In some special situations, severe cases of CPOD require a pulse oximeter, oxygen cylinder, or concentrator to be kept at home. These devices are very easy to use. And with the help of these, the breathing process becomes easier for the patient.

Prevention is better than treatment

If you want to protect yourself from serious diseases like COPD, pneumonia, and TB, then stay away from smoking. Do wear a mask while stepping out of the house. Always keep the glass of the car closed. Take care of the cleanliness in the house to protect children from infection. The action of Anulom-Antonym is also helpful in keeping the lungs healthy. Despite this, if you have trouble breathing, consult a doctor without delay.

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5 Simple Steps To An Effective Mental Health During COVID-19

5 Simple Ways To Reduce Cortisol Hormone Quickly

Cortisol is also called the stress hormone because this hormone is produced due to stress. It assumes a significant role in numerous capacities in our bodyBut its high amount also causes damage to the body in many ways. Whenever you are afraid or stressed, your adrenal gland starts producing cortisol. When normal stress hormones increase cortisol can give you diseases like obesity and blood pressure. This can affect your memory and cause diabetes. Let us tell you how you can reduce cortisol hormone quickly.

How do you decrease Cortisol hormone quickly

Don’t take too much stress

Taking too much stress is harmful to y our mental health as well as your physical health. Whatever is the cause of stress, try to correct it. Excess stress creates more cortisol in your body. Which is dangerous for your health as it can cause many serious diseases. Ask yourself what you need to do to solve this problem.

Massage is also beneficial

Massage is considered the most effective way to relieve stress. The right message not only gives relief to your muscles but also keeps your nervous system in good shape. If you are under stress, then massage your forehead and head with your favorite scented oil. Apart from this taking a bath many times also reduces stress. Let me tell you that many times people feel very hungry due to stress or want to eat different things. In such a situation you will have to monitor your hunger. Eating more than the body needs will be harmful to you.

Do exercise and yoga

With Yoga, you can reduce the cortisol hormones in your body. If you do only 30 minutes every morning, you will never have stress, depression, or other mental troubles. You can also exercise to control cortisol. In any case, remember that over the top exercise can likewise be hazardous in such a circumstance. Therefore exercise only 30-45 minutes in a day.

Get enough sleep

The level of cortisol in our body also depends on how long you sleep, how deep you sleep, and when you sleep. If the amount of cortisol in your body has increased, it is because you are not able to sleep properly. So take at least 6-7 hours of sleep in 24 hours. This will keep your mood fresh. While sleeping, also keeps in mind that daytime sleep is not good for the body, so sleep at the right time at night. Apart from this, deep sleep is necessary for good sleep.

Do Your Favorite Work

When you do your favorite work, your brain gets relaxed and the emission of happy hormones starts. So do your favorite things like watching movies, listening to songs, reading books, going for a walk or playing sports. So that your brain will relax and cortisol levels also reduced.

Playing with animals makes our mind very relaxed. This activates oxytines, endorphins, and other healing hormones in the brain. These hormones act as self-healing for the body. So playing with pets can be very beneficial for you. So when your cortisol increases and you feel stressed, then spend time with your pet.

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Dangerous Habits You Probably Don’t Know About Your Mental Health

Some dangerous habits can destroy our mental health. We sometimes get more sleep for peace of mind and then watch a program or movie on TV but some of our daily habits are such that it can seriously damage our mental health.

Habits that deplete our brains of essential nutrients can lead to many life-threatening illnesses, such as mental illness, stress, anxiety, and stroke.

Here are 5 habits that are harming your mental health. Readers can improve their mental and physical health by giving up these habits with the advice of their doctor.

Don’t have breakfast in the morning

Eat breakfast is like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a poor man.  To live a healthy life, start the morning in a healthy way. Breakfast is just as important for our body as any other meal of the day. Have a balanced diet for breakfast so that you can start the day well.  Everyone knows the importance of breakfast, but most people are unaware of the dangers of not having breakfast.  Not eating breakfast increases the risk of heart attack and heart disease by 27%.  According to new medical research, people who don’t eat breakfast have an increased risk of heart attack and heart disease. Because skipping meals in the morning increases the stress on the body.

Eating breakfast increases the rate of metabolism in the body which prevents obesity. Not eating breakfast causes diseases like diabetes, heart, and stroke.

If you do not eat breakfast your immune system will gradually weaken. And you will easily fall prey to various diseases.  Stomach emptying can lead to ulcers and on the other hand environmental pollution can also be poison for you.  Similarly, working men do not eat breakfast. Due to haste and inclination towards nature and reach their offices. They drink a cup of tea in the name of breakfast.  After all, why do people run away from breakfast so much and avoid eating breakfast?  Maybe it’s because you get tired of seeing the same thing at breakfast every day.  And celebrate with food.  If so, there is a simple solution.  Eat what you like for breakfast

Remember that your brain uses more energy than any other organ in the body. And consumes only 20% of the glucose in your system.

Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day.

Lack of sleep

Dangerous Habits That Destroy Mental Health is a lack of sleep People who do not sleep on time.  And do not get enough sleep are lazy and mentally absent the next day.

Irritability and emotional complaints are common as a result of sleepless nights. This was uncovered in a clinical report. Which showed that negative emotions are the result of sleep deprivation and also affect office performance.

Sleepless nights cause half of the headaches, while 36 to 58% of people who snore have headaches in the morning.

Lack of sleep can lead to hormonal imbalances, which can lead to cravings for food, especially high-calorie foods. The ability to control one’s desires is lost. They feeling tired all the time. When sleep is not complete, the reaction to any event slows down

It can lead to mental disorders that can affect your work and relationships. But it can also affect your senses and reflexes, which can lead to an accident.

Eat more

According to a study, there is a strong link between obesity and mental retardation, but the causes are still unknown.

According to researchers, the main cause of obesity is food. That lacks nutrition and we are eating it again and again and despite eating so much. And your mind feels hungry every time.

Eating too much food does not close the valve between the esophagus and the stomach. This causes food to start coming back from the stomach into the esophagus. Causing a problem like burning in or around the chest area. Eating too much can lead to obesity and obesity can lead to diabetes, heart disease, high BP, and stroke. Because of this people can lose their self-confidence and self-esteem.


There has been a lot of research on the harmful effects of smoking. Which has shown that it damages the parts of the brain. They are involved in human balance, coordination, and motor skills.

Smoking causes serious diseases. Such as heart disease and lung cancer. And the smoker dies fifteen years before his average age. According to medical experts, a cigarette shortens a person’s life by eight minutes. Because it contains more than 4,000 harmful ingredients.


The human body is comprised of 70% water. So physical health, and psychological health, relies upon it and its inadequacy can prompt numerous issues.

There is a lot of work to be done to prevent dehydration. Such as avoiding going out in the sun in the afternoon. Water should be used frequently in hot weather. Be very careful while exercising as sweating increases the excretion of water from the body. It is important to use plenty of water before, during, and after exercise. Salted water is more beneficial. Caffeinated beverages may be more seductive. When sitting on the beach or near a pond. But avoid them as the presence of sunlight and excess salt can cause the body to become dehydrated more quickly.

You need to make it a habit to drink a certain amount of water every day. Pay attention to your thirst as it is the best sign of the need for water.

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5 Simple Steps To An Effective Mental Health During COVID 19.

5 Simple Steps To An Effective Mental Health During COVID-19

Improving mental health during COVID-19 is discuss on every platform now a days. But somewhere when it comes to implementing it, many people fail to put it into practice. To improve mental health we need to start from the beginning.  People with these problems need to follow a few small habits instead of worrying.

Medical experts have done a lot of research on mental health. Which has concluded that by changing your daily habits, you can improve your brain as well as your physical health.

Today I am going to tell you some habits to improve your mental health during this lockdown. That you can follow to get peace of mind.

Stay optimistic during lockdown for your Mental Health

5 Simple Steps To An Effective Mental Health During COVID 19 Strategy

According to a study, optimistic people have a 35% lower risk of life-threatening diseases such as heart disease and stroke.

A survey conducted in 2019 found that people who have a positive outlook live longer.

Experts say that optimistic and positive thinking changes the brain system. In a way that improves a person’s health and has a positive effect on physical and mental health.

One way to be optimistic in practice is to imagine in your mind. That all your future problems solve and your desires also fulfilled or are about to be fulfilled. When you think like that your brain will also think positively automatically.

Be a Volunteer

Be a Volunteer

Numerous studies have shown that pleasing and helping others without meaning has been extremely helpful to the brain. Doing so promotes good chemicals in the brain.

Volunteering also reduces work stress and depression.

Always be Thankful

Always be Thankful

If you want to be forever grateful in life, then you must follow the advice of the experts.

Experts say that you should make a diary in which you must write a positive experience of the day before going to bed every day. It doesn’t need to be a big deal, but do it every day.

Experts say that if school-going children get into the habit daily, their behavior will change dramatically.

Stay In Touch

Stay In Touch

People who stay in touch with their family, relatives, and friends their lives become happy as well as they appear in good health.

It doesn’t mean that you should maintain relations with hundred of peoples but I want to convey that maintain relationships with those by meet whom you feel inner happiness may be a person.

Understand the Purpose of Everything to Improve Your Mental Health

Understand the Purpose of Everything

Understand the purpose of every small and big thing in life, doing so will always make you happy and this habit will improve your mental health.

Psychologists say that if you do not understand the purpose of the small things in your life, you will be unhappy and left alone.

Get in the habit of learning to value everything in your life with purpose. These habits give a boost to your mental health during the lockdown.

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