People Who Think How To Become Rich But Still Remain Poor

There are two kinds of people in the world, one rich and another is poor. Poverty-minded people, even if they become rich by chance, become poor again. The famous Indian TV program “Who Became a Millionaire”, there has been a lot of discussion on how to become a millionaire through this program. Many people opposed it and some people became millionaires from it. But no one says what happened to those who became millionaires overnight?

In 2005, the country’s leading English newspaper, The Telegraph, published a report in which the current situation of millionaires from the TV show was reviewed. Most of them were found to be as poor as before. There were very few people who could stay rich.

In fact, man is the product of ideas. It is his thoughts that make him rich or poor.

what does it mean??

This means that whether it is poverty or wealth, it is the name of a “mindset”.  Today, in this write-up, there are 5 types of people who want to become rich, try but still remain poor.

1. People who are afraid of failure

There is no such thing as failure in the world. We either succeed or we learn something. Success is not final and failure is also not final. Only courage can be seen as long as you persevere.

What if I fail?

What will people say?

This thinking doesn’t allow you to move forward and you can’t experiment and end up with your own ideas. When thinking like that

“It’s very difficult.”

“It’s very Dangerous”

“It’s not my job.”

“I don’t have the skills to do anything.”

“Has anyone done this before?”

Rich people are never afraid of failure. They know that failure is the first step to success.

2. Complainants

Complainants are always poor, poor people say “cause” of their poverty. They say I have no background. I could not do anything due to lack of capital, government policies are wrong. The market is not running, the lockdown is down, and the weather is not right, and so on.

3. People who stop learning

Poor people usually think they know everything. Don’t want to learn anything from anyone. Spend more time on social media, focus more on entertainment than learning. Your success never goes beyond your “personality development”. This means that the more you learn, the more you will succeed. Rich people travel to learn and spend money. The money spent is considered an investment by rich people. While poor people feel humiliated to learn something from someone. And often get prejudiced.

4. People who do not do their self- accountability

Instead of peeking inside, they look at the outside world every time. They have a reason, someone told me so …  So … because of such and such bullying … they compete with others. While rich people try to overcome their inner weaknesses and are always ready to improve themselves. Remember that only those who talk about what is in their hand are never poor.

5. Quickly accept defeat

People who get tired quickly and surrender quickly become poor. People who are not afraid of hard work and stand firm and fly away eventually move on. Poor people get scared of a little work.  And give up very soon.

The owner of KFC, Colonel Sanders,  went to a thousand people with the recipe of KFC. He told his dream that he wants to open KFC shops all over the world. Some thought he was crazy and many made fun of him. Finally, in 1952, he met Patty Herman at a conference. And the two partnered to establish the Kentucky Fried Chicken. Which today is the second most prestigious large fast-food chain in the world after McDonald’s. It is often the case that success is imminent and we lose heart just before that.

So if you don’t want to be poor, get up

Don’t be afraid of failures!

Stop complaining!

Learn new things!

Do your own calculations!

And don’t give up in a hurry!

Be happy, keep sharing happiness

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Forget Laziness: 8 Replacements You Need to Jump On

Forget Laziness: 8 Replacements You Need to Jump On

We all work somewhat cheaply, but it becomes a problem when you know that not finishing work on time will be a loss. But you still keep delaying.

If the habit of procrastination and laziness develops, it can have a detrimental effect on your health. You suffer from constant stress, postpone exercise, eat more unhealthy foods. Even if they go to the doctor despite the symptoms of a disease, they are reluctant to do so.

So can any research in the field of psychology free us from this habit and inspire us to work on time? In this regard, I will talk on forget laziness: 8 replacements you need to jump on immediately.

1. Don’t rely on willpower alone

Forget Laziness: 8 Replacements You Need to Jump On: Don't rely on willpower alone
Your willpower may get you to the destination, but it is so fragile it can break quickly. Photo by Tobias Tullius on Unsplash

Research by Ian Taylor, a sports psychologist affiliated with a British university. Shows that people often think that if we are determined, we can get rid of cheapness.

But as Ian Peter puts it, “strength of will is one of the different ways to create a passion for work. But it’s not the best way.”

Instead of relying on your willpower to ignore the undesirable aspects of any work. He says you should think that these aspects cannot be avoided. More importantly, you should avoid the unpleasant aspects. Can’t achieve their big goal by ignoring

For example, if you have been running for half an hour and now your muscles are aching. Then this pain is not necessarily a bad thing and it is necessary to battle against it. Supposing that you truly need to be fit, you need to understand. Pain must be a part of it.

2. Find something positive in the work you are avoiding

Forget Laziness: 8 Replacements You Need to Jump On: Find something positive
Is the fear of failure holding you back? Photo by David Sager on Unsplash

Is the real reason for postponing a task because you run the risk of failing?

University of Sheffield researcher Fuchsia Cirrus has been studying the issue of cheapness and procrastination for more than 15 years. Their research shows that the cause of this problem is not always the cheapness and misuse of time. But also the misuse of one’s emotions in the right direction.

If you are worried that you will fail at something. You look for excuses to postpone it and do not want to go through unpleasant emotions.

But if you think so, then keep circling the circle. Since you are already late, you now have less time to finish the job. Which increases the chances that you will fail. So you become more anxious and the chances of it You will start working.

The way to overcome this kind of thinking is to look for the positive in the work you have to do. Maybe you learn something new in it and you start having more fun than expected.

3. Plan ahead of time

Forget Laziness: 8 Replacements You Need to Jump On
It is not realistic to think that you will change radically in the future, but you can learn the art of planning. Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

If you know that there is something special that can make you dizzy. You should use the psychological strategy that “if… Then” it is called strategy. So if you plan ahead of time, think about what I would do if it happened.

For example, if someone tells you to meet for coffee this Sunday. But you know you have to study on Sunday, you can tell your friend to have coffee one evening together instead of the weekend.

When American psychologist Peter Gollwitzer studied 94 people who adopted this strategy. Peter realized that the chances of these people sticking to their plan were two to three times higher.

4. Reduce your discomfort

Forget Laziness: 8 Replacements You Need to Jump On
Create a complex and long password for social media. It may remind you that you should focus on work instead of social media. Photo by Jacob Townsend on Unsplash

Make it as simple as you can to get begin.

Have you ever heard of ‘Choice Architecture’? A common example of this is when you are shopping and paying the shopkeeper. And he has some fresh fruit instead of chocolate. The result is that you start eating healthier things.

We can also apply this method to ourselves. For example, if you are thinking of going running after breakfast. You should wear exercise clothes. Similarly, the things you have to do in the morning. Put things on the table in front of you the night before. The result is that in the morning, you will start to do what you see first.

And one more thing to remember and that is to remove the things in front of you that distract you. For example, turn off the alert option on your computer screen. Turn off the sound of the mobile. And log off from social media.

5. Reward yourself

Forget Laziness: 8 Replacements You Need to Jump On
The sooner you finish your work, the sooner you will go outdoor. Photo by marius krm on Unsplash

A new study by Caitlin Woolley of Cornell University in the United States has found that people tend to work harder. If their work starts to pay off immediately. Then when they are rewarded for their work and get it after waiting.

We like to work from chubby because we are happy by postponing complex work. And saying let’s get rid of this problem. The cure for this is to give yourself a better reward than a chubby reward.

A study by Catherine Milkman of the University of Pennsylvania in the United States found. That if people were allowed to listen to audios of very interesting books. While working out in the gym. So they’ll be back in the gym soon to find out what happened next in the story. Clearly, it will take time to get fit. But audio is an immediate reward or fruit for you.

Think about what might be best for you and decide for yourself. That you have to finish the job and take a breather.

6. Have a realistic picture of yourself

Forget Laziness: 8 Replacements You Need to Jump On
Photo by Shangyou Shi on Unsplash

Most of us like to think that we will have more time in the future. So we hope that in the future we will work in a more organized way. And we think that then we will have more energy and we will be living a life where nothing goes wrong.

Obviously this will not happen. And that’s why we don’t know how long a task will take. This condition is called “planning fallacy”

I will give you an example of the first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. It was announced in 1860 that the dictionary would be published two years later. But it was completed in 1928. And by that time, the material in this edition was so old that it had to be revised soon.

7. Have mercy on yourself

Forget Laziness: 8 Replacements You Need to Jump On
We are not as strict with our friends as we are with ourselves. Photo by Zachary Nelson on Unsplash

If you have already spent half a day on the internet today and you should go and do your job. Our suggestion to have mercy on yourself does not make sense. But the fact is that research has shown that people who sit and do nothing, lower their self-esteem.

And since these people are already cursing themselves for not working. It will not be helpful for them to have more negative thoughts.

A study of students who did not prepare for the exams found that students who forgave their laziness. Were more likely to succeed in their studies than those who persevered. And do not move forward by forgiving themselves.

Fuchsia Cyrus rightly says that most of the time we don’t treat our friends as hard as we treat ourselves. So we need to show the same level of compassion for ourselves.

8. Speak about yourself in the right way

Forget Laziness: 8 Replacements You Need to Jump On
Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

What kind of language you use about yourself can also be very important.

A study was conducted in the state of California shortly before the 2008 presidential election. Some questions were asked from those who had registered to vote. They were gotten some information about “voting”  or “what is your opinion about being a voter?”

We may not see much difference in the language of the two questions. But when election day came, 95% of those who were asked what it was like to be a voter went to the polls. In contrast, 82% of those who were asked for their views on the “voting” process went to the polls. This means when we see ourselves in a specific position, it also affects our behavior.

This means not presenting yourself as a person who sometimes runs away and even goes on a diet. Instead, think of yourself as a ‘workaholic’ and a ‘healthy person’. This will probably increase the chances that you will actually start running and eating good things.

Ian Taylor says that this tactic works and the reason is that by saying this. it becomes a connection between your personality and that behavior. Along these lines, “you are experiencing the disposition. Yet you are carrying on with the existence you need.”

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13 Facts Only Rich People Know About Success

13 Facts Only Rich People Know About Success

There is a proverb in English “Fake it till you make it”. This proverb can lead to progress in many areas of life. Whether you are building personality confidence, creating positive thinking, or excelling in a skill.

Fake personality is caught in a matter of moments and those who show off their talents by performance do not need to be fake.

Success does not happen by accident or fall from the sky. A good life never comes by chance or coincidence. You have to make your life better. Success is the name of a process. Law is the name of a rule and a rule is the name of a path.

This article includes 13 facts that only rich people know about Success. People who follow these facts not only progress also build their character. However, if you follow these facts, your future life will be filled with success and happiness.

1. Believe in yourself

The first fact is to believe in yourself. There is nothing in this world that you cannot achieve with a true heart. What you have in life and what will happen is depend on you. But how successful you will be in life, how rich you will be, what you will be able to become, it is all up to you. Many people do not even dream of an excellent job, an excellent life, a luxurious car in their life. They say no, how can I get these things? It’s impossible. I’m not capable of that. I’m an average.

Always remember that it is your will that your brain sets for you, otherwise you have no limits. If there is anyone who can stop you from moving forward in life, it is you. You have a mindset. Otherwise, there is nothing in this world that if you want and you cannot achieve it. If you don’t trust it, you need to trust it. In the event that you need to succeed, you need to trust it.

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Personality Development Can Be Disastrous If You Neglect These Simple Rules

2. Choose your own path

Always ask yourself what to do in life. Never let others opinion gets in the way of people’s advice. No one knows better than you. What is good for you? You just have to be confident in yourself. Just as a storm can’t push a strong rock. In the same way, if you have confidence in yourself, you can face every storm and face every difficulty. So choose your own path and focus on your own path. Never consider someone else’s decision as to your own.

There will be voices behind you saying that you are not doing the right thing. This path is very difficult and you will not be able to walk on it. You will fail. But do not let anyone control your life. Just believe in yourself, just listen to your inner voice and keep moving forward. Always remember that you can never be successful in life unless you do what you want to do with your heart. So if you want to be successful, choose your own path, never follow someone else’s path.

3. Always have control of your life in your hands

You will be able to control your life only when you take responsibility for your own life. Never be able to control your life as long as you keep blaming others for your failures. You will never succeed, it is a bitter truth that when we succeed we are responsible for it. We take responsibility for it and when we fail we blame others for it. We excuse. Always remember that successful people never make excuses nor blame others for their failures. They always think about what they can do and how they can improve their situation. They focus on their role and their contribution.

Always remember that the path to success is difficult and hard. Like you are climbing a high hill, but if you have the burden of excuses on your back. While climbing this height, your back is bent under the weight of excuses. At that point, you will always be unable to ascend the stepping stool of achievement. In order to be successful, you have to take off the burden and see it. The day you realize that you are responsible for your past life and only you are responsible for your future life. Then that moment is the turning point of your life.

4. Write a list of tasks by planning daily

You can also do this on your Smartphone and computer, etc. Schedule your daily tasks, write them down. And get things done on time is one of the best facts of success.

5. Prefer yourself

Prioritizing good health, diet, and exercise over other activities is a guiding fact for rich and successful people. Because they know that life is the world.

6. Daily reading

Reading increases your knowledge. Reading a daily newspaper, good books, or reading material related to your work increases your knowledge. Furthermore, gives you the comprehension to settle on better decisions.

7. Don’t waste time

Have you at any point thought about what amount of your day by day time you spend via social media, internet movies and TV, and so forth? Successful people possess almost no energy for these things. Because they spend most of their time in progress.

8. Increase the sources of income

Wealthy people do not waste their money on expensive branded items. Like expensive clothes and expensive gadgets, expensive cars, etc. They save them and invest in a side business like property etc. And make money from money and that is the secret of their success.

9. Learning should always continue

In today’s life, time changes its color day by day. New inventions happen every day and technology changes day by day.

10. It is important to know when to stop work

Working beyond your means, working late at night, and bringing your work home from the office. It is not the habits of rich and successful people. Keep work and home separate leads to success.

11. Choose friends wisely

This is a difficult task but if you want to succeed you should choose your friends from among the people who are smart about your work. So that you can do something about your work from what is said among your friends.

12. Get out of the office environment

Getting all the work done in the office while on the job is now the norm. Because big business people prefer to get their business dealings out of their office and into an airy place.

When the director of Google met with the owner of YouTube to buy YouTube, instead of inviting him to the office. They invited him to a restaurant and finalized all the deals there.

13. Speak less and listen more

This fact not only helps to improve friendships, but also the world’s big business. Apple co-founder Steve Job once said, “Hire smart people and tell them what to do. “It’s a harmful job. We hire smart people and ask them what to do.” Conversation leads to results and listening carefully is the first fact of communication.

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How Satisfied And Successful Life Could Be Lived: Simple Strategies

Personality Development Can Be Disastrous If You Neglect These Simple Rules

Personality development is a combination of a person’s mental, physical, personal, behavior, attitudes, attributes, and character. In other words, if personality is defined in a simple way. it is a person’s outward and inward attributes, ideologies, moral values, actions, feelings and Attributed to emotions. Appearance and beauty may temporarily attract someone’s attention. But it is the enduring beauty of character that makes a person alive. Thoughts and ideas play a key role in character building.

One’s failure reason is not to set priorities that we are confused about and failing to solve the problems we face today. We are busy day and night in increasing our wealth. And we do not even know that this increase will create trouble one day. Evil will appear if we do not pass it on to high and noble personalities.

We have to decide what our greatest wealth

Certainly, our greatest and greatest wealth is not the gold and the moon. But our children are our descendants. From whose tails the image of our courtyard paradise can be seen. The house is full of colors. The loss of this great wealth is in fact a great loss for us.

If we really want to stop the decline or change it to perfection. We have to focus on the Personality Development of individuals. Especially the moral, spiritual, and social training of children. So that society can be a haven of peace and tranquility. The family, society, schools, universities, and society play a key role in the construction of individuals. 

Changing the present and building the future is possible only by building a new generation. Before building a new generation of doctors, engineers, legal experts, successful businessmen, or anything else.

One has to become a good-natured, dignified, and good person for whom  Character building (personality development) is essential. People endowed with good qualities and morals are ambassadors of humanity. Therefore Personality Development is a priority in the numerous priorities of life. It is very important to identify the elements that give a boost in personality building.

First know the personality

Everything is being built in society nowadays. When we check out us, streets, extensions, structures, or various kinds of houses are being worked to a great extent. However, one thing we infrequently observe is the development of personality. Man is progressing with time. He has figured out how to fly like a winged animal and swim in the seas like a fish. However, he has not figured out how to be human on earth.

Personality is essentially a mix of man’s outward and internal. And gained and non-procured characteristics. Once in a while, these characteristics are lasting and frequently. These characteristics change and these are the qualities that separate people from another.

Basic Principles of Personality Development

The status and significance of tolerance in building a constructive character resemble a column in a structure. Similarly, a structure can’t be worked without columns. So a character or personality can’t be worked without persistence.

The fundamental standards of Personality Development by which an individual can improve his personality by tailing them. And his character appears to be conspicuous in numerous individuals are expressed underneath.

Positive Thinking

One of the hazardous impacts of negative intuition in one’s life is that one some of the time settles on choices. Throughout one’s life that is without the real world. So as to maintain a strategic distance from these choices and numerous hurtful ages. It is important to have positive thoughts.

Positive thoughts have a profound effect on an individual’s character. Positive thinking reduces the likelihood of most diseases in a person’s life. Such as a heart attack. Another person’s life eliminates stress and leads to a prosperous life. Capacities are made and the chances of achievement and progress in life increment.

Destination determination

A person who has set a goal for his life, all his attention is focused on achieving his goal.

The life of a purposeless people resembles that of a lost people who now and again roam. Because of lack of direction of movement and in some cases another. Deciding the goal is one of the essential standards of personality building. The mind determines its destination and is conscious. It knows which way it has to travel to reach its destination.

Good habits

Habits are the main thing on the planet that we subliminally make and later these routines shape our future.

Habits are critical for an individual to be positive or negative. Or to expand on the correct lines of personality or to go in the false direction. Things that are not intend to be done are work habits. Good habits are not only building our personality but play a positive role in various aspects of life.

self confidence

Self-confidence is another name for self-assurance. This quality is considered as one of the best attributes of a person. A person who has the quality of self-confidence is considered to be the best person.  Self-confidence improves one’s personality. A self-confident person has full confidence in the accuracy of his work and self-confidence encourages a person to trust in himself.

Time management

Time management is expertise for which abilities are basic for an effective and successful life. It is a skill that requires practice as well as guidance. In order to improve one’s personality, one must be punctual. Time is for man to use it to make himself successful.

Study and academic skills

Success is a journey that is extremely important at every stage of life. Just as water is essential for growing grains, so to study is essential for success. Through research, peoples build up their personality in another way. Executing one of a kind approaches to discover arrangements and get something through new data. Research carries new plans to the human brain. And this one of a kind thoughts positively affect an individual’s life and work in the future.

The most significant mainstay of Personality Development is that man ought not to leave his present work to tomorrow. Since man’s tomorrow never comes. Do it now. It starts at birth.

It is based on the character of various individuals including guardians, instructors, companions, and other relatives. Yet the guardians played the most significant job. No one can understand a person more than his parents. Start doing the good things in front of your children that you want to teach or instill in them. If you want your child to become educated, become ideal for him.

If a kid has always seen a smartphone in the hands of his step-parent instead of a book. He will never want himself to read it. He will grow up to be a cell phone user. Since a person’s first school or first lap in education and training belongs to his step-parent especially the mother. The personality, character, and character of the guardian is the best example and the first role model for the kid.

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How Satisfied And Successful Life Could Be Lived: Simple Strategies

How Satisfied And Successful Life Could Be Lived: Simple Strategies

How you spend your life, especially during adolescence, is important in determining your future success as a personal professional. Here are Simple Strategies To Help You Live Satisfied And Successful Life

According to psychologists, adolescence is a crucial time that paves the way for the rest of your life.

It is a universal fact that every individual has some limitations and is constantly trying to go beyond them.

Challenging yourself leads to a better and more successful life.

It is not always easy to make a change for the better, but it is important and worth the effort.

It may sound hard to hear, but there are some things, habits, or changes in this age that you can adopt to form the basis of your future life.

Self-confidence but also awareness of limits

The first step in achieving your dreams and goals is to acknowledge that you are a human being. That you are not perfect and that you cannot do everything alone. Always think realistically, don’t put so much pressure on yourself. That it becomes difficult to walk. Believe in yourself that you can work according to your needs. But don’t be afraid of failure. Admit your mistakes, set goals, and enjoy the journey.

Make life simple

There are thousands of things that need your attention in your daily routine. Such as tidying up your children’s room over and over again. Doing home and office work, taking time out of work schedule, meeting people or relatives, helping with children’s schoolwork. One thing to keep in mind, you can’t do any of these unless you have a clear idea of ​​how to simplify life, relationships, and the environment. Because only then does the burden of responsibility reduce while there is no rush.

To be moderate

To make a living, we work, socialize, do family work, eat, shop, or enjoy television. But in any case, extremism destroys every aspect of life. Use your understanding to prevent behaviors like insanity in any context. Spend less than you earn, focus on food and watch less TV, then in middle age, the body will be grateful to you. It is necessary to live a satisfied and successful life.

Don’t live your life according to others

It may seem easy to use other people’s expectations and values. But doing so will never satisfy you in life. Experts say that if there is one thing you can do to help others, it is to live your life the way you want. Don’t do what other people say you should do and don’t try to take care of other people’s expectations. You won’t get back the opportunity you missed as you get older.

Focus on action, not success

Life is a journey, not a destination, with each passing day you have to do something for your survival. So don’t pay attention to the consequences when something goes wrong. Because when you think about the consequences there will always be negative thinking. Remember life is not perfect, so both success and failure will come and you should be ready for them with open arms.

Care of Others according to their expectations

If you treat your loved ones the way you would like to be treated, you may face difficulties. Instead, treat them as they might want to be dealt with. For example, if you don’t care to call, you won’t call a companion or a friend or family member. Believing that he might be thinking a similar thing as you, however, it doesn’t occur. Try to be sensitive to the needs of others, expand your heart, and make it a habit to do something good with others.

Focus on the present moment

To live satisfied and successful life stop thinking about what happened in the past, or what is going to happen in the future, don’t worry about it. Pay attention to the situation you are in at the moment and try to improve it.

Make thinking positive

Your personality is what you think throughout the day, if your thoughts are negative then you should not expect anything more in life, positive thinking about life or circumstances can also lead to failure. Can help change, once you make your thinking positive, you will be amazed by its magic.

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Don’t be afraid to learn new things

The most interesting people are those who are interested in life and do not stay close in a shell. They discover learning opportunities and refine their personality personally and professionally. The process of learning should continue throughout life. No age stops you from learning something new.

Use patience instead of haste

Of course, nothing can be done immediately or everyone is in a hurry for an important meeting. But it is also important not to let the feeling of frustration overwhelm you. Obstacles such as travel delays, incompetence of people, or any other reason are not under your control. But the impatient response to these issues is of no use. Anxiety and impatience can lead to stress. Which can lead to a weakened immune system, irritability, high blood pressure, stress on the heart, and deterioration of relationships. So learn to work patiently on difficulties beyond your control and take some time to think about how it can be improved or take a deep breath.

Don’t panic when making a decision

Analyzing the hundreds of people who have achieved success. It is clear that they all have one thing in common and that is that they do not hesitate to make a decision. As the saying goes, making a wrong decision is better than not making a decision anyway.

Choosing wisely

3 things can change your life and that is friends, books, and your thoughts. So make your choices wisely and give preference to well-meaning friends and books that help make ideas positive.

Avoid complaining all the time

Nobody enjoys an individual who complains constantly. On the off chance that you check out, you will see numerous individuals who are in a difficult situation yet at the same time doing a lot of good. Don’t blame others for your problems, avoid justification, and avoid too much sensitivity, no one likes drama all the time.

To be thankful

God has bestowed many blessings for which we all have a duty to give thanks. But we do not even think about it. In any case, at whatever point you feel baffled, check out you and see the things that you have. Take a look at the things that work for you, give happiness to you or without which the concept of life seems incomplete. Then gratitude begins to arise automatically. Think for yourself, what would life be like if there were no hands, or if there were no legs? People who get into the habit of giving thanks also have good hope for life. You can use any method for this or at least in your mind you are thankful for the things you have got in life.

Don’t give up

Most people make a good start but fail to finish. People are used to giving up when they see the initial signs of defeat. So never stop until your goal is achieved. Most successful people can face their failures and overcome them.

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To Win In Life Race Change Your Mind And Improve Yourself

A person who always prefers to walk at the same speed, direction, and degree not considered suitable for moving forward. But nature has laid down in it a lesson for a man that if he follows it, even the most difficult things can be done. If a person travels in a direction determined after a certain plan, then one day he will achieve success.

We also learn the lesson of doing anything consistently and continuously from the manifestation of nature. The age of this universe, the creation of the stars, planets, and galaxies in it. And the great system of power found within them. Which handles them, is very patiently engage in its melody. There is no rush to get anything done. In the broadest sense, man is the greatest and most exalted element of nature. Which must at all times show uniformity and consistency. You look at your body, your hands, feet, eyes, mouth, nose, ears, and every part of it does its own thing, in its own way.

This is a great example of discipline. Besides, nature has a system in everything in the universe. The sun always rises during the day and the stars at night. Water always flows downwards, more or less it always keeps its surface smooth. God has created these signs for human contemplation. Man, being the noblest of creatures, is superior to all things in the universe. How can a person live a successful life outside the system?

When all the things in the universe are running with discipline according to their set system? So when you want to do something, after making a decision. Make a firm commitment and start acting on it by showing discipline, then success will definitely with you.

Improve Yourself with discipline

This is the system of discipline found in the universe. So there is no place for doubt as to its effectiveness and efficiency. This is because it is a natural law and the person who follows it also naturally deserves success. But in our case, the situation is quite the opposite. Here, if someone works in a single department or institution, he is compared to as bull and an attempt is made to break his continuity and morale.

Most of us have a hurry to get success and do nothing with consistency. This hasty nature of man does not allow him to do any work with perseverance. When he starts a business, he has high hopes for it. Now, since there is an element of haste in human nature, he also wants to see the result of his work or deeds immediately. So when nature meets his requirements and shows the results of his work with a slight delay, he becomes frustrated.

There must be a story behind every successful man. No matter where he comes from, in which the whole philosophy of his success is hidden. An important part of this philosophy is the spirit of continuous work, self-confidence, and belief in one’s purpose. These qualities distinguish these successful people from others and make them an inspiration for others.

Instead of panicking, they take small steps that eventually lead them to their destination. They are well aware that the journey of a hundred miles is determined by taking the first step and walking continuously. And not content with just a small success, but are always on the lookout for more and more.

to win Remember the purpose of life
Remember the purpose of life

They make themselves better because they have a purpose in life that is dearer to them than life itself. The difference between people’s success and failure is the purpose of life. People fail because they have no purpose. Because they do not know what to do, they run fast in the dark all the time. They do not know that life itself is that which has a clear purpose. Otherwise even animals do complete their life.

Man becomes man only when he becomes aware of his purpose. Awareness of purpose is the hallmark of success. They meditate, find a way to their life, and then work hard to achieve it. They see the purpose in front of them. So they do not look at the obstacles, difficulties, discouraging attitudes, and the causes of frustration. It is their devotion and dedication that finally brings them to their destination. And when they reach the destination, they still do not want to rest. Then the passion takes place inside them as if they have reached the destination of success themselves. In the same way to persuade others to achieve success, to tell them the keys to success.

Therefore, they do not bound the information and secrets of success to themselves but share it with others. This thinking makes them ideal and respected by others. They first look for examples of success and then follow them and later become role models for others. And they do not despair and always think good and positive. They look positive in everything. So they get positive results. They know that there is a system in this wonderful universe of God.

Under which the same objects attract other objects. Positive energy attracts positive while negative energy attracts the negative. As you think the same situation arises for you. It’s called “Like attracts like”. Under the same philosophy, experts say that “what do you seek is seeking you” means if you are looking for truth and passion, then that thing is also looking for you. This law is also called the Law of Attraction. This law of attraction certainly works for you as long as you have a firm belief in your goal and purpose and consistency in action.

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Know The Habits That Makes People Unhappy

As you all know, our good and bad habits have a profound effect on our lives. To say that success or failure in a goal depends on our habits would be an understatement. While good habits help us to reach our destination faster and also make our lives happier.

But remember, it is not easy to get good habits and get rid of bad ones. People who give up trying to adopt a good habit out of desperation will never be able to fully enjoy the joys of this beautiful life.

In this regard, below are the seven habits that make people unhappy. So you can also develop yourself by contrasting and investigating your habits with them.

Seven Habits Of Unhappy People

1. According to the first habit, unhappy people always seem to complain and criticize. Not only do they disagree with the views of others but they also become irritated when they are not obeyed.

2. The second habit is to get lost in the past. Instead of learning from the past and moving on, these people spoil their present, which has a clear effect on their future.

3. The third common habit is to worry about future responsibilities unnecessarily ahead of time. The ill-effects of which affect our health as well as our minds.

4. Now the fourth habit that is mention is to stay in your comfort zone. The biggest disadvantage of this is to waste your abilities. When we confine ourselves to a place, we waste many useful opportunities, the regret of which destroys the good mood of the people.

5. According to the fifth common habit, people work lazily and reluctantly in fulfilling the important goals and essential tasks of their daily lives. Then there is a lot of irritability and dryness in the nature due to any damage or lying down.

6. The sixth common habit is the use of unnecessary and substandard food. Which affects our digestion. Because when the stomach is upset or full, along with the body, our mind also becomes sluggish and useless. Then when we start to get tired quickly, we start to feel helpless and bad tempered.

7. The seventh and last habit of those who are unhappy is to always compare their situation with others. This not only makes people feel inferior but also makes them lonely and stops enjoying life.

So friends, here are seven key habits that can make people unhappy. They affect not only the human being but also the people around him. If you are also a victim of such habits, start trying to change yourself today so that you can become the favorite person of the people, while also enjoying this precious life to the fullest.

Remember, the most unhappy people in the world are those who don’t want to do anything.  Happiness comes to those who do their job to the fullest. Because then comes a wonderful time of rest and refreshment.  True happiness comes from doing the work of the day in a correct way. 

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What Are You Willing To Do For More Happiness Success And Motivation

At present moment, it seems strange to use the word ‘happiness’ in the changes and uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 corona virus. But it is also a fact that human life is incomplete without this word and its feeling.  Until we re-enlighten ourselves with this feeling, we will not be able to get out of the effects of this virus mentally.

Happiness is a nine-letter word that every person in the universe wants to have in every moment of their life. But it goes like a clever bird from one branch to another and from one habitat to another. The branch on which it sits opens up and from where it goes, sorrow ness like a black crow “caw” can be heard everywhere and the branch looks tired and withered. What is this happiness?

According to psychologists:

“Being happy is the name of the state of mind when we like the whole world.  Negative thoughts go away and we feel healthier.”

From a social point of view, achieving everything you want is happiness. Gathering all the comforts and all the blessings of the world with you is the result of happiness and interestingly, the scale of happiness of each person is different from the other. For some, it is a pleasure to get rid of one’s worries. Makes spending pleasure time with childhood friends. Someone likes people love them and they love peoples. It is a pleasure for someone to end the exam. If the work of the customize gives happiness to someone. Then according to someone, peace of mind is happiness. This list is not enough to end because everyone’s happiness is different.

Get More Happiness Success And Motivation

Happiness is the explanation of the vast majority of the planet’s stress. Being cheerful is likewise workmanship and it ought to adapt consistently. Unfortunately, we are not shown the fundamental craft of being cheerful. Even though our religious teachings are so positive and powerful that if we follow them, the complaint of not being happy in life will go away. Happiness is actually about your endurance, the stronger your endurance, the happier you will be.

An individual who doesn’t blow up with individuals and endures contrasts with an open heart is consistently upbeat. If you have learned to tolerate things that go against your temper, you have learned the art of being happy. You can be happy if you are not jealous of people’s happiness but join with happiness from the heart.

If you do not complain about your fate and do not express your grief and sorrow to anyone but God, then you will be happy.  And If you get the word ‘God’ out of your mouth even when you get the smallest blessing and the biggest difficulty, then you are lucky.

If you have started to think of the success of others instead of dropping people and rising above yourself. Leaving others behind and thinking good of others, then believe me you have learned to be happy. As long as you keep looking for happiness in the things of the moment, happiness will go over time.

Psychologists say that one of the main causes of anxiety, grief, the restlessness of heart and soul, and unhappiness is “dissatisfaction with what you have”. In this regard, it is necessary to remember this blessed “Be content with what God has ordained for you, then you will become one of the richest people.” 

It is not uncommon not to get what you want, but it should be taken as a routine. But we make it sad and miserable instead of normal and then the same sadness and unhappiness. Sometimes psychological stress leads to physical illnesses.

Nothing or worldly possessions certainly bring spiritual peace and happiness unless God blesses it. Many people in this world are not happy despite the abundance of wealth. On the other hand, there are many people for whom meeting the necessities of life is a great hardship but they are happy and calm. 

Happiness is not something that can be seen or achieved. Peace cannot be seen and satisfaction cannot be touched. How can something invisible be found in visible material things?

Psychologists and social scientists have told humans a few principles to be happy. And if they are followed, a butterfly called happiness may begin to hover around you.

1.  Positive Psychology

Get More Motivation

If you want to be happy for a long time, adopt positive Psychology. Get in the habit of taking the positive side out of every negative thing. Take a moment to review your life for at least forty days and count its three positive aspects. Count any three blessings given by God. After forty days, your mind will automatically start counting the positive aspects of your life and become a part of your Psychology. Will help keep you happy.

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2. Give importance to the smallest success

Sitting tight for incredible satisfaction or extraordinary accomplishment to be happy throughout everyday life and caught up with attempting to accomplish it can never give you genuine happiness. Rather than trusting that a major fight will occur, celebrate in little accomplishments and delights as though you have conquered the world.

3. Keep balance in life

Set your life priorities and make work and leisure a part of your life in balance. Don’t simply concentrate on work and don’t surrender important assets like life for no reason in particular. Make standard time for yourself, loved ones. Make sure you plan to meet at least once a week because life is not just about work but also about spending time with your loved ones.

4. Adopt creative thinking

Get More Happiness Success And Motivation

Man’s thinking has a profound effect on his mood. This will give you happiness if you keep constructive and creative thinking away from the traditional thinking of society. Creative activities such as writing, coloring can make your mood happy. Creation is an attribute of God. If you give some of it then you are lucky.

5. Admit your flaws

You cannot be successful and happy unless you openly acknowledge your shortcomings. Everyone is a combination of strengths and weaknesses. Acknowledge your shortcomings and try to correct them because you will be rewarded for that effort soon in the future.

6. Choose the job you want

Don’t use God-given abilities in a job that doesn’t suit your nature.  Always choose the area of ​​your interest so that you can pay for it.  Don’t let the precious resources of your life be wasted on the work that is done with carelessness and burden.

7. Live in the present

To be happy, one must forget the bitterness of the past and trust in God for the future. Forget things you can’t change. Yours today is in your hands now. So get in the habit of living in today.

 8. Be confident

Get More Happiness Success And Motivation

God has put some ideals in each person. Realize your strengths and do not consider yourself inferior to others. Make sure no one else has the skills and talents you have. You will be confident and happy when you recognize your abilities.

9. Do not compare with others

If you want to be happy, never compare your life with the lives of those around you. Even a happy person can hide his sadness and a seemingly miserable person can be satisfied in spite of his bad condition. Be thankful for what you have been given, do not look at the blessings given to others.

10. Keep reminding yourself of your strengths

Every human being has innumerable virtues big or small. One day, if you are sadder, sit down with a pen and paper and write down your virtues and remind yourself. Of course, you will feel great.

We all know that this life is temporary and short. So do the things that make eternal life easier in this short and temporary life. Work on good deeds so that you may depart from this world with contentment and be with true happiness in eternal life because God has declared Paradise as the only place where there will be no fear and sorrow.

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