How Should Child Be Praised? Expectations VS. Reality

Some people say that parents should appreciate their children as much as possible. While some people believe that if parents praise their child all the time. Then he will get worse and will start to consider himself more important than others. Then how should children be praised?

How should child be praised? Parents should keep two things in mind:

How much they will appreciate the child and how they will appreciate it. What kind of praise will motivate the child? And what kind of praise will be detrimental to him? How can you praise it so that it will have good results?

Keep these things in mind

Not all definitions are helpful. Consider the following:

Too much praise can be harmful. Some parents praise their children too much to build their self-confidence. But children are very smart. They understand. When they are being falsely praised, they know that they do not deserve this praise. And therefore they stop trusting their parents.

It is good to appreciate talents. Suppose your daughter draws very well. You will comment on encouraging her to sharpen her talents. But there is a downside. If you only admire her natural abilities, she may think that she should improve only those abilities that are in her. So she will not develop new abilities because she will be afraid of failure. She may think, “If I find something difficult, I should not do it because I cannot do it.”

It is better to appreciate efforts. When children who work hard and diligently are rewarded. They learn one important thing: mastering a task requires patience and hard work. Children who think, “They work hard to be successful. Even if they fail, they do not give up but keep trying.” – Prepare children with love and affection for practical life with confidence.

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What can you do?

Appreciate not only the natural talents but also the efforts. Instead of saying to your child, “You are a born painter,” it is better to say, “You draw it with your heart.” “Both sentences define the child. But the first sentence can give the child the impression that he can only succeed if he has talent by nature.

When you commend your child’s efforts, you are teaching them that exercise enhances their abilities. So that your child will be able to do things that he finds difficult.

Teach your child to deal with failure

You must have heard successful people make mistakes over and over again. But they do not give up. They learn from their mistakes and move on. How can I create such thinking?

Appreciate the child’s efforts. Suppose you say to your daughter, “You are a great math expert,” but then she fails the math test. She has lost this skill and there is no point in trying.

But when you appreciate your daughter’s efforts, she will be motivated to move on despite her failures. She will understand that if she has failed. It does not mean that everything is over now. Instead of giving up, she will work harder or learn more.

Give compliments as well as advice

When you gently tell your child how he or she can improve. He or she will not be discouraged but will benefit. If you give the child regular compliments they will He will listen to your advice. And your child will be happy with his success.

Encourage the creation of new skills

In this world, there are many examples of people who created qualities in themselves that were not inherent in them.

What is the lesson for parents in those examples? Your child can do more than his natural abilities. Appreciate his efforts. In this way, he will develop new abilities that he will never have. You may or may not have expected it.

Know the reason behind child rudeness

Know the reason behind children rudeness

Children should be given love and sincerity but if they are not respected or be praised then children become rude. Children need respect more than love. However, they are often degraded by comparison with siblings or neighbors’ children. They are either reprimanded or embarrassed in front of everyone. Is it strange that when children are not respected by their family, parents, siblings, how will children learn to do all this? Let’s just say that this is a strange thing for all children.

Sometimes a major cause of irritability and rudeness in children is parental fights. Children become victims of parental tensions. Someone else’s anger is vented on someone else. The wife gets angry with the husband or the husband gets angry with the children. The children want something, but the parents’ way of talking to the children is unnecessarily bitter. It has a direct effect on the weak brain of the child.

Avoiding unnecessary and indecent conversations in front of children also has a profound effect on children’s training. Talking in front of children does not show the effect they are having on children. Children are learning what they are seeing. The father says to the child, “Son! If someone slaps you, you should also slap him. ”

The child learns this and then when his younger brother beats him, he also gives slap his brother in front of everyone. Seeing all this, everyone scolds him and the father gets up and slaps his son. “Who taught you all this, you have become rude”, etc. Now, what’s wrong with this child? Whose fault is it? He taught himself and then he said who taught all this. All that we are providing is just following us.

Even with patience, we can protect our children from being bullied. Sometimes we scream when something goes wrong with food. However, it is our responsibility to be patient and teach our children the same thing. To a large extent, it makes children better. The most common type of rudeness occurs when children fight over small things.

We don’t have time to talk to children for two hours. The more respect the children get, the more they will give. Explain if the children are angry. Bring the children closer to you. Make them your friends and be a good friend yourself. Share the good things. Praise children and develop their abilities. Encourage them. When someone is motivated, they try to do better. Children enjoy small things and they remember them.

Encourage and praise children and talk to them politely. Take some time to discuss some good topics. Teach in a story style. Avoid tongue-lashing. All of this forces children’s hearts to automatically do what they see. When we make ourselves good, children will move towards good instead of bad. Definitely, we will give a good and constructive future to society.

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10 Best Way To Teaching Children At Home During Covid-19

According to various experts, there are many benefits to teaching children at home

Millions of children around the world, including India, are currently confined to their homes for fear of the Corona epidemic. But if they are not taught, they will quickly forget their lesson.

In this regard, prominent teachers in the United States and Europe have outlined some methods that can be very useful for parents who are concerned about their children’s education. Here I am going to share with you 10 Best ways to teaching children at home during Covid-19.

 1: Decorate the school, make it a routine

Teaching Children At Home

Allocate a room at home for a virtual school. If possible, have children wear uniforms so that they can psychologically understand it during school hours. This is the advice of Brian Gallon, a teacher who says children are addicted and take advantage of it. Also, announce the timetable and schedule. Children can also be consulted so that they can take an interest.

Micah Sheppi, an eighth-grade social studies teacher, says homeschooling should be half the time of actual school. If they study 6 hours in school, then you make home school hours 3 hours.

 2: Use a planner

Write to the children and give them work under the planner. Christina, who teaches English to sixth graders, says to write down each child’s daily routine in a planner that will motivate the children and motivate them to work harder.

3: Interval during lessons

Caitlin Dolphin, a fifth-grade teacher, says that although school or half-time at school is their own, give them a few moments of leisure to talk about each lesson at home. Then teach the lesson of the second article.

4: Get help from teachers

Caitlin’s other suggestion is that not all parents can be teachers because familiarity with educational psychology is essential. Nor can parents become teachers in a few days. Help can also be sought from a teacher around you or online. There are several educators on Facebook who are there to help.

 5: Take care of children’s mental health

mental health
mental health

There is no doubt that this epidemic has caused psychological problems for all of us. That is why it is so important to check the mental health of children because they are feeling trapped. Try to keep them as positive as possible.

If they want to play with you for a while, don’t refuse. If you want to take a walk at home, do it.

 6: Pay attention to the acquisition trend

Remember that each student learns in their way and their learning ability is also different. So keep thinking about how to teach your child. If that doesn’t work, take another step. But remember that children’s homeschooling is very effective, it just needs to be adapted to the child’s needs, values ​​, and lifestyle.

 7: Get help online

Teaching Children At Home

There are many lectures by authoritative teachers on YouTube and other platforms on home reading and teaching. You can also get guidance from them. These websites include News ELA and Red Works.  Remember the Brain Pop website for teaching science.  Dreambox and Zarn’s website can be useful for maths.

 8: All involved in teaching

If the parents themselves teach the child, it will motivate the children and you will definitely learn something yourself. Craig Kanner, an educational psychologist, says that both father and mother teach children. As soon as you get involved in teaching children, the best results will begin to emerge.

 9: Put the children’s opinion first

It’s time to dump her and move on. The secret of how much they are interested in the subject will be revealed to you. Throughout the homework process, keep asking children what they are learning and what they are interested in.

Take their issues personally

10:  Take their issues personally

Whenever a child is having trouble, handle it properly, and do not scold him in front of everyone. Or do anything else but take them separately and explain. It will be very easy to do. If a child fights with their bother and sister or does something during home school. Explain to him that you are not happy with his behavior and instead of scolding him, explain it with love. Because children understand only the language of love.

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Teaching A Child At Home Is Best For Child Development

Teaching a child at home is best for child development. As You know the Corona virus has killed millions of people on the planet. Educational institutions closed and they are in the state of lockdown, in which a concept called homeschooling has emerged. Some educators are calling it a new development, but in fact, the history of this service is as old as humanity. Everyone knows and believes that the mother’s lap is the best and first school in the world. That’s why Napoleon Bonaparte also said that you give me good mothers and I will give you the best nation. So the question arises that

How to teach children at home?

teaching a child at home
teach children at home

What is home schooling service?

What are its features?

How can it be put into practice?

Let’s discuss this first. Consult with children and their teachers about this. Get guidelines from teachers and stay in touch with them. If there is any problem, guidance can be taken from them. When making a timetable, no period should be more than forty minutes.

Make a timetable

Make a timetable for the house and hang it in a prominent place. Be based on education. Before or after breakfast at any suitable time, sit down with your children take questions and answers with discussion. Repeat the previous lesson.

One can also study ethics books. Based on this discussion, the class will improve the speaking skills of the children. And at the same time, the moral training of the children will be possible.

The second period

home cleaning
home cleaning

The second period should be cleaning in which all the members of the house should participate without any discrimination. Especially cleaning of washrooms is very important. Men, make sure to clean the street and drain connected to your house outside the house. This will not only affect your children’s humility but their practical experience will also increase.

The third period

positive use of computer

The third period is a lot of fun. Download Moral videos from the internet in the presence of parents. Google – Google Scholar, YouTube, and the net can learn the positive use of computers. Television at home in a place where parents can see. So that proper checks and balances can be maintained.

The fourth period

children fun time

Sports are also an integral part of education. This can be called the fourth period. Let’s children play the game of their choice in the morning so that they stay fresh and in good health and a good mood.

The fifth period

self study
children doing self study

And now it’s the turn of the self-study that will be your fifth period. Dear parents, remember that your children should have textbooks, notebooks, and notes. Parents should just monitor and encourage. Do not give the children nicknames like monkey or donkey. Ask the children to ask three hundred objective questions step by step from each subject. Find about one hundred key points and make one or two-line definitions. 

The sixth period

Then make short questions from them and put those short questions in the form of detailed questions. In the same way, solve the exercises given in the textbooks. Wherever there is a problem say they use the notes you have. This rehearsal exercise won’t just assistance them to cross the course but additionally increase their writing abilities.

The seventh period

Continue self-study from time to time in the seventh and eighth periods and keep changing the subjects. Instead of memorizing read and understand and keep writing different topics and keep checking their self.  Articles can be prepared for their pattern.

children writing
children writing

Another thing to pay attention to their writing. Bring writing boxes for children and let the children practice so that one day they will become great calligraphers. Use pencils, pens, and colorful cut markers for this purpose.

Listening Ability of Children

To enhance the listening ability of children, it is necessary to tell them instructive and interesting stories. Even today we remember the stories that our grandmothers used to tell us. Remember such stories affect the personality of children. It is as effective in shaping the personality of children as in ancient times.

Efforts should be made to maintain the relationship of children with books. In addition to the course, parents should also bring interesting books for children. There should also be a small library in the house with a newspaper, different books, general knowledge dictionaries, and instructional books.

This will increase the reading skills of the children. Parents should be role models for their children. That is why children do not do what they are told, but children do what their parents do.

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The Ultimate Guide To Parents For Their Successful And Happy Child

If we observe famous and rich people about heir parenting they are not like you and me. It is not what we are saying, but what the American thinker Frances Scott Fitzgerald said almost a century ago. One of the most important things that make the richest people in the world different is raising children. Come on, even the richest people in the world indeed love their children as much as all other parents do.

It is also true that, like rich people, everyone strives for the well-being and successful future of their children. However, there are some things that rich people do differently when it comes to raising children.

We look at the lives of the 4 richest and busiest people in the world and what they do for their children on a daily basis.  Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is the father of 2 daughters. He holds his eldest daughter, Max, in his arms every night and recites the Jewish Mi Shebeirach prayer to her.

Spanx billionaire founder Sarah Blakely encourages her four children to accept failure and do new things.  Amazon founder Jeff Bezos never called a meeting early in the morning. Instead, he arranges a full breakfast with his wife and four children every day.

Alan Musk runs the two most successful companies, Telsa and SpaceX, but does not compromise on the training of his five children. Instead, they do multi-tasking, such as compensating for spending more time with children, replying to emails from wherever they are.

All of these things seem trivial, but let’s find out why they do it all and what they to raise a successful and happy child.

Work on raising children’s EQ

children's EQ The Ultimate Guide To Parents For Their Successful And Happy Child

The richest and most successful people of today are more concerned with their EQ than raising their children’s IQ level and this is the most important thing for them.  Emotional intelligence is what makes them unique and distinguished. 

Only those with strong emotional intelligence are capable of building strong. Positive and long-term relationships. Billionaire entrepreneur Tory Birch has said, Put your family and children first and then everything else will automatically return to its correct location.

Encourage marriage to the right person

Jeff Hayden is considered one of the biggest investors in American real estate and has written several motivational books. He says, “Marry the right person, or at least never marry the wrong person. “I’ve been very lucky in my life, but my good fortune doesn’t match the fact that my spouse is Martin de Jensberg,” said Justice Ruth Beder-Jensberg, a US Supreme Court judge. Without it, I would never have become a Supreme Court judge.

Do not ride on the heads of children

Today’s children have a lot of problems because their parents hover over them like a helicopter all the time, causing them to suffer and make decisions. Says Julie Lethkithems, a former dean at Stanford University. Ability is not created.  Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’s children play with knives and his mother doesn’t say anything to him, “I accept my child with 9 fingers, but I don’t accept him growing up helpless.”

Do not ride on the heads of children The Ultimate Guide To Parents For Their Successful And Happy Child

Live with children when needed

No one is too good.  It’s not okay for children to keep hovering over their heads all the time, and it’s also not good to leave them alone.

Work From Home

The Ultimate Guide To Parents For Their Successful And Happy Child

Scientific research has shown that people who work from home (at least sometimes) are happier and more successful than those who go to the office every day. Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Bernson says, “I’m a big supporter of working from home. It enhances your lifestyle and allows you to spend more time with your children.

Proper guidance for children

Properly guided children mean that their efforts are appreciated regardless of the consequences. According to Stanford University professor Carroll Deck, doing so promotes children’s thinking about success. Success is not everything.  If parents expect only successful results from their children, they will not try for fear of failure next time.

So don’t scare your kids to fail. Sarah Blakely billionaire founder of Spanx says, “Dad used to ask me and my brother every week what we failed at this week and they would be disappointed if we didn’t have any news of failure.” I didn’t realize it then. It is now clear that he wanted to explain to us the definition of failure, that failure should be measured by effort, not by the result.

If you want to improve the future of your intelligent child and improve his intelligence, here are some useful tips.

How to raise a successful and happy child

Allow children Questions

Allow children Questions
The Ultimate Guide To Parents For Their Successful And Happy Child
Allow children Questions

Children ask questions all the time because they want to know about things. It is very important to give a satisfactory answer to the children’s question. Parents who ask their children to be silent when asking questions. The ability to check is lost, mental development stops, and then children are afraid to take the first step for any task. They become victims of Fix Mind Set and cannot progress in the academic and practical field.

What effect does interrupting children have on their mental capacity?

According to a study on “Question Children”  when such children do not get an answer, their trust in their parents becomes weak and they disappointed with their parents. They try to find their answer by others means from their friends who in the same age.  Although the answer to their friends is less knowledgeable and inexperienced. The child asks the question as to his solution while in fact, this is where the problems start.

The other source they have is the internet. They use it to get answers, while everyone knows that where there is an abundance of information on the internet. Some things are poisonous to children’s morals.  Are Internet users will have to do with these things and their training will have a very bad effect.

According to the research done on the second type of “question children” which is well understood by the parents and their questions are answered satisfactorily. The learning habits of such children keep on increasing. The knowledge gained through questioning strengthens the power of decision within them. They like facts and always remain neutral and analyze.

According to psychologists, “the homes from which children get answers to their questions are more intelligent than other children on the educational journey.”

Give your child the opportunity to go through a variety of experiences

Give your child the opportunity
The Ultimate Guide To Parents For Their Successful And Happy Child

Intelligent children often need to be encouraged to stay focused. Providing opportunities to go through different life experiences. It will make it possible for them to better cope with what is happening to them in the real world.  Psychologists say that people always try to adopt the lifestyle they are familiar with and do not want to go through new experiences at all.

Highlight their hobbies and abilities

Whether it’s a game, a musical instrument, or an art form, encouraging children from an early age to take an interest in a hobby can be useful for them in the future. But at the same time, nothing should be forced on them.

Understand your child’s mental and psychological needs

Curiosity is the most important thing to learn anything.  Children ask a lot of questions before school starts and many times your patience may be overwhelmed while answering them but it is important for their development.

Appreciate the effort, not the ability

It is very important for the development of children that their efforts to achieve anything should be appreciated rather than the actual result. What is special about children’s learning is that they learn from their parents’ reactions.

Don’t be afraid of failure

Mistakes and failures are the key to future success and are essential for learning. Don’t worry about them. Mistakes should be taken as an opportunity for children to learn from them and perform better in the future.

Do not put any chits or labels on children

Do not put any chits or labels on children
The Ultimate Guide To Parents For Their Successful And Happy Child

Labeling children can make other children laugh at them and make fun of them. Children as gifted can sometimes go against them

Talk to the teacher about the child’s needs

Intelligent children often need more difficult questions to increase their mental development and for this, they need more help. It is important to consult with teachers about this.

Test children’s abilities

It is important to test the abilities of children to find out if they have any mental or other illness or if they are not experiencing psychological or social problems. How did you like this article The Ultimate Guide To Successful and Happy Child.

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How Do Parents Influence A Child Personality

How do parents influence a child’s personality it’s a big question. If the foundation of a building is strong and durable, it remains in place even after enduring climate change and all kinds of accidents, just as if children are trained on the best appearance and explain the difference between the bad and strong character they become good from an early age.

How do parents influence a child’s personality?

When we talk to a well-mannered and polite child, we feel happy and praise his parents, especially the mother.  Find themselves compelled to praise her for teaching her children with manners and character.

Thus the role of both parents is important in the training of the child, but the child spends more time with his mother. So more credit is given to the mother. To better understand I am going to tell you a Story of Sparrow.

Why does Sparrow always build her nest in a well?  An amazing reason that will change your life.

Every human being and animal has a different way of living in this world. And their movements are different from each other, and in this world, there is a bird Sparrow. The baboon, which builds its nest mostly in the well. She has no space or facilities to train her children to fly, nor can she tell children to fly with crude training. Because failure in the first flight means a painful death of water. 

The probability of a try is zero. No one has seen a dead baby of Sparrow in a well till yet. Sparrow also trains the children’s section on her own. So after the baby hatches, it takes 75 flights. So the mother and father take 150 flights to fill the hearts and minds of their children with the belief that they have to fly straight out of here. And there is no other option. The child comes out of the nest like a stone out of his hand. And goes straight and sits on the temple of the well.

How children influence by Parents

How do parents influence a child personality

Our children get their share of our faith. What will we give to our children if we are deprived of faith and action? Don’t tell stories to children, but show them by action. Believe them, they don’t trust any book hero in the world as much as they trust you.

The tragedy of parents is that they want to make their children moral. But they are not ready to improve their morals.  Parents need to mold their personalities. So that children are influenced by them because parents are the role models and real heroes for their children’s life.

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