Why Online Education is Good Or Bad Know The Reason

The trend of online education in India is growing rapidly during the lockdown. All schools and colleges are offering online education. So parents are worried about how to get young children to study online. Of course, reading online is not easy. There is a big difference between reading in class and studying online. Nowadays, it is not wise to favor only one medium. The lack of one method makes up for the other method.

On the other hand, it is also true that many teachers, parents, and children are skeptical about the benefits of online learning. Yet for many students, this new method of education has proved to be a blessing. It has provided a lot of learning opportunities for everyone around the world who wants to learn something. So in this article, we will talk about whether online education is good or bad.

Important benefits of online learning:

Anywhere anytime

Today many of our children have moved from their homes. Through online reading we can connect our children from one place to another through different app and children can study online at any time as per their convenience.

According to capacity

In a 35-minutes lecture in a traditional classroom, children can barely concentrate on the lecture for 5 minutes and do not understand many things in the rest of the lecture. And once the lecture is over, they lose the opportunity to listen to it again. But children can watch online lecture videos many times and understand according to their ability.


In the traditional classroom, the teacher lectures the children in a disciplined manner. But while studying online, the child becomes self-disciplined. Due to which not only does the child understand and learn better. But he also understands the importance of discipline and becomes bound by discipline in life.

Self confidence

According to research, children are reluctant to speak in class or ask questions. But when studying online, children are more confident because they are at home and move on and ask questions. And such children also come forward. Some often hide on the backbench.

Collective work

Because children study with a lot of other children while studying online. They have the opportunity to socialize and discuss with them and children learn a lot.

As we move forward with the positive aspects of online. We can make online reading more effective and efficient, let’s see how:

Parental support

Online reading can only be effective if we have the full support of parents. It is important for parents to provide their children with online learning tools such as smartphones or computers. And to provide them with internet access so that they can study in unison. In addition, parents should make the home environment conducive for their children to study. And if the children are young, they should be able to understand the online reading.

Determining the purpose

Everything can be successful if it has a purpose. Therefore, the teacher should set a goal before studying online. And the goal of the teacher should not only be to convey the material to the children. But also to make the material understandable to the children. And he should adopt methods to achieve this goal.

Notes preparation

Most of the time when children study online. They just sit down with their mobile phones and just listen to the lectures. Which is not helpful in any way. Children should take a pen and copy with them when they sit down to listen to the lecture and take notes on important points. So that they can understand the material better. These are just some of the goal-setting that students can use in the future.

Challenge with online education:

online education is bad
Why students are unhappy with online education?

The corona virus has not only forced people to stay indoors but has made life different from every angle. Take the example of education. Since the holidays in colleges, universities, and schools, millions of students have been trapped in their homes.

However, educational institutions are thinking of something new in this situation. And trying to use these holidays to prepare for the ‘big test’. This means if the Corona epidemic lasts a long time, then arrange an alternative for students to be educated at home. Most of the private and government institutions have taken steps in this regard. Online lectures and other educational materials are being sent to the students.

There are many students who are unhappy with online education. They think if you survived Corona, you won’t escape from depression. Students have been contacted by their college that you will be given online classes. Online classes have started and nothing is working for them. According to them this method is not a practical.

As you know a lecture is uploaded on a site, downloads it, and then stays in touch with the teacher in the WhatsApp group. Now each class has a separate group and all are made up of the fish market. Every student has a different way of learning. You can’t teach them that way. Online education is now introduced temporarily but it is not acceptable.

The majority of students say that online education is not a substitute for real education. We have spent millions of rupees. Hence we should provide an alternative system of international standard or to give students a semester break. It is a gross abuse to spend money on real classes but to be taught with alternatives.

How is online education being provided?

Many teachers conducting lectures at an institution through the Internet video conferencing like Zoom. And taking classes through Facebook Live. They think that since we have to move from real classrooms to virtual classrooms in a very short time. There is still a lot of work to be done. But it is much better than doing nothing temporarily.

Students’ time is very precious. By the way, a new session to start in India and there are also holidays are over. However, if the process of education continues, it is a booty.

Many students who used to live in hostels have now returned to their homes. As these video services require high-speed internet, what steps are being taken in this regard?

If online education is shifted as a regular policy. The provision of fast, cheap, and full band internet connections to students will be ensured as it would not be possible without it.

Is online education really that difficult?

Online education is not a new thing. There are distance learning universities all over the world. That are offering degrees by teaching online courses. But in the current situation when terms like work from home are used every day. Having become a part of it. Now it seems to be moving from home to education.

Online education is not difficult if it is done in its spirit

Educational institutions are closed. If they work on software that will provide students with a full classroom environment. As major universities around the world are already doing it will be great.

According to experts, the world was already going online. This Corona has accelerated this process. The work that was supposed to be done in countries like India in the next ten to fifteen years has already begun. There are companies in India that have developed their software. But there is still work to be done on them. Because it will now have two things. One is to reduce the fees of the institutions. Because when your buildings are not used. You are not spending then you will take less fee from students also.

At the same time, it will be necessary to bring online education on a balance with normal education. So that all other social interactions are on the same with normal education.”

Providing online quality services will make it difficult for students to decide whether or not to use online services. Because online learning has many benefits. That you can only get by connecting to the system. Like having every lecture available all the time and all the notes being online. Which will save a lot of time and energy.

The advantages and disadvantages of online education are still. But in the days of the epidemic, it has become a compulsion and the problem for students is the psychological difficulties of just moving from one system to another.

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