Want Become An Ideal Student? Here Are 10 Ways To Do It

Students and youth are the best capital of any country and nation and its bright future is guaranteed. The student goes out of the house to acquire knowledge. Every student has a wish and wants to become an ideal student. Let’s take a look at the qualities that are necessary to be an ideal student.

Acquisition of knowledge

A student is the name of the person who is always seeking knowledge, for which there is a constant desire, the desire to get an education is always circulating in him. Instead of wasting his time, he is eager to acquire knowledge.

ideal student Acquisition of knowledge

Purpose of life:

The life of an ideal student is purposeful, he sets his purpose in life, he strives to make his passion into a profession, at the same time he sets a purpose in his life for his family, society, and country.

Career choice:

He chooses his career in which he is interested. After achieving his goal, he serves not only himself but also the country and the nation. Serves human beings through his career. He keeps trying to please God.

Life routines:

He has a habit of going to bed early at night and getting up early in the morning. He is obliged to pray and recite. The main goal of the ideal student is knowledge of God. He wants education to instill in his dignity, compassion, the goodness of mind, good manners, morality, and all the attributes of a good and successful person. He considers hard work as his motto for the best development of his mental faculties.  Thinks positively away from negative points of view and uses his God-given abilities.

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Selection of subjects:

He chooses academic subjects according to his interests and abilities and full of aspirations and enthusiasm. He is an expert in his field and at the same time, he has some knowledge of other fields.


Self-development: The ideal student is the one who wants his all-round personality to develop through education. He always wishes to become a good friend, a good citizen, the best person in the nation, an expert in his field of knowledge, fully acquainted with business life, of the times. Be a keen observer of the ups and downs and changes, be aware of the requirements of time and circumstances. And have deep conscious knowledge and be a successful student of the world of action.

ideal student develop his personality

Role in school:

The ideal student is known as a resource person expert in his school and college. He helps his teammates, he doesn’t get lost in the crowd, he looks like a shining star. His brightness benefits other students. He does not leave the footsteps of good manners and treats everyone with respect. His style of conversation is very sweet and speaks in very sweet words. When he leaves home, he leaves for the welfare of others, as a well-wisher. Springs of goodness flow from him.

He respects his teacher with all his heart and soul. And does not ignore the teacher’s words and anxious to listen to the teacher’s advice. He is obedient to his parents, he serves them, he is a man of good manners and respect. Hence everyone loves him. Friends, teachers, parents, relatives all love him because of his behavior. His character is admirable. He performs well in his studies and gets good marks in examinations and gets the best position.

The ideal student is the driving force of school and college. He does not get caught up in the fun of colleges and campuses. But gives them involved in his ethics. The Ideal Student A front-line student in college and campus. Plans to achieve his goal of becoming an expert in his field. He makes short- and long-term plans. He knows that every moment is very precious. Strictly adheres to his timetable with full utilization.

He does everything on time and never slackens in his tasks. He performs his tasks with great politeness to complete his tasks on time. And tries his best to create beauty in his work, he completes his practical assignment on time. He does his studies regularly, he doesn’t let any distance come in it. And repeats his forgetting curve to keep it one hundred percent.

Revision procedure:

After school, a week, a month, three months, six months, almost the whole year he revises 25 times. After coming home from school, he does four things. Revise what he learn, homework, planning for tomorrow, find and removes weaknesses and studies. The ideal student stays clean everywhere at every time. He also keeps clean space around him, books, and copies.

an ideal student

Study method:

The ideal student does not memorize but understands and reinforces basic concepts. He studies based on a subject which he does not understand. Works hard till he does not understand and prays to God that O God explains this concept to me. And if it is understood then he gives thanks to God. He takes the help of the teacher to discuss, read, understand, prepare notes, and keywords with his friends. At the same time, he tries to understand its application and use it in his daily life. And shares with his friends. He knows that the name of the book is not knowledge.

The real thing is to benefit from this knowledge and benefit others as well. For example, it is not a virtue to eat only enough, but this is the real virtue. If food becomes a part of the body, it gives strength to the body so that we can do the best work. Similarly, it is not important to just take a book to memorize, but the real thing is that practical life should better with this knowledge. He studies his state curriculum as well as the national curriculum. Practices as much as possible the difficult questions of all subjects.

The ideal student reads extracurricular books as well as their curriculum and participates in extracurricular activities. Due to which his personality is refined. He develops leadership qualities, wisdom, learning skills, research thinking, creative character decision making, etc.

Love the knowledge:

The ideal student loves knowledge. This love does not last only for a while. It lasts forever. A good student always thinks of himself as a student. A student seeks knowledge and as long as he lives, knowledge lasts. It only demands. God makes such a student successful in this world and the hereafter. One day this ideal student becomes a great officer or businessman and benefits everyone from his personality.

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How To Give Happiness And Joy To Your Husband And Make Married Life Better

How to give happiness and joy to your husband? This question arises in every married women’s mind. But before it first you should know some facts about the man.

The most beautiful image in the universe is that when a man is full of his sweat. He wipes the sweat from his forehead and again enjoys his work which makes his limbs groan with pain. He finds relief in stealing from fatigue. There is peace in fighting pain for him. His natural thought is to go out of his house and go to unknown places and show the essence of his hand to the whole world. With the same thought, he always feels happy.

All his life in the same grief that if my sweat flows and my wife can get relief from it. Then it is more than any wealth in the world for me. He does not complain about his grief. The purpose of life after marriage is to make his wife fall from the dripping of his sweat. In the same tune, he sometimes plays on his life to earn as much as possible. He worries that as soon as he steps on the doorstep of the house the queen of my dreams will be waiting for me. He wants her wife’s world to be filled with happiness. Such a concept of life begins when two ignorant people, a man, and a woman, get married. And then their world does not remain and their desires do not remain. Just walking for the wife becomes the purpose of life.

The pleasures of each other provide comfort. It is comforting to shower on each other. The wife becomes the queen of the house and the husband is happy in search of sustenance. In search of a dream house the thought of ​​making a paradise, scattering the dust of the paths as the fulfillment of life.

Scattering oneself, using his strong body, reads the market to keep love alive. After earning he puts money in the hands of his wife. His heart is reluctant to give in. This thought that feeds on the happiness of the partner in the imagination by keeping the earnings in her hand. At that time his tiredness and his pain go away.

The famous Urdu writer Banu Qudsia says:

I felt helpless when my father was battling cancer and he was more concerned with what he had saved for his children. Now spending on his illness. And what will happen to us after them? I saw the man’s sacrifice. When I went shopping at the market and saw a family full of the stuff of shopping bags in their hands. And the wife was telling her husband that the purchase of me and the children were over. You also buy new slippers. His answer was no need. What day did I wear last year that must have gone bad? Do you see what else to take? I am with you now. Buy today.

I felt the man’s self-sacrifice when he brought something for his wife and children and also a gift for his mother and sister. I saw the man’s safety when he crossed the road with his family behind them. Put himself in front of the traffic. I saw the man’s seizure when his young daughter returned home. He hides his grief and hugged his daughter to his chest and said that he is still alive. But his tingling eyes and reddening eyes showed that He also wants to cry. But the phrase that a man never cries will not let him cry.

I am not agreeing with the last word of Banu Qudsia. Because even a man cries, he also lightens his burden by shedding tears but thinking that his spouse should not be sad. He sheds tears in solitude where no one to wipe. He wipes his tears with great anguish. Yes, it is another thing that he does not know how to shed tears. He does not want to say even if he is in pain.

If you want to give happiness and joy to your husband. Then remember the following advice which can make your life better and your home atmosphere like heaven.

Here are ten advices.

These ten pieces of advice contain things that are a beacon for women until the Day of Resurrection.

First Advice

To give happiness and joy to your husband try to live a contented life, agreeing to the lentil bread that is found in the husband’s house. Which is mixed with the happiness of the husband is better than the red chicken. That he gave unwillingly at your insistence.

Second Advice

Always listen carefully to your husband’s words and give importance to him and try to follow the husband’s words in every situation. This way you will make a place in his heart. Because the work of a man is most notable than himself.

Third Advice

To give happiness and joy to your husband you should take care of your adornment and beauty in such a way that when he sees you with his eyes full. He will be happy with his choice and he should simply take care of the fragrance as much as he can and remember that your body. And let no odor of garment or any ugly form cause hatred and disgust in his heart.

Fourth Advice

The wife should beautify her eyes with gray and mascara to look good in the eyes of her husband. Because attractive eyes make the whole being appear in the eyes of the beholder, arranging bath and ablution. That it is the best fragrance and the best source of pleasure.

Fifth Advice

To give happiness and joy to your husband prepares the husband’s food ahead of time. Because the long-lasting hunger becomes like a blazing flame and creates a sense of comfort during the husband’s rest and sleep. When sleep is incomplete, anger and irritability are created in nature.

Sixth Advice

You should not allow anyone to come into your house without the permission of your husband. Take care of the husband’s house and his property and not to waste his property in nonsense like show off and fashion. Because the best care of the property is with good management. And the family is better protected by good judgment.

Seventh Advice

Keep your husband’s secret and not to disobey him. Because disobedience of a fearful person like him would add fuel to the fire. And if you could not hide his secret from others then your husband’s Confidence will be taken away from you. And then you will not be safe from its double sidedness.

Eighth Advice

When your husband is sad about something, do not express your happiness in front of him. It can increase your husband’s grief.

Do not bring the effects of grief on the face of the husband when he is happy. And do not complain to the husband about any of his behavior. Rejoice in your husband’s happiness, otherwise, you will be the one who will tear his heart out.

Ninth Advice

If you want to be respected in the eyes of your husband. Then take good care of his honor and respect and follow his wishes. And then you will find your husband will become your best friend in every moment of your life.

Tenth Advice

Until you beat your heart many times for his pleasure and will, and to keep your husband’s word. You have to suppress your likes and dislikes and many other desires. If you do not do this, happiness will not bloom in your life.

This is not the end of the story for the readers. Because there is a collection of books where the rights of everyone are explained. But it is another thing that the general rights of some are not known to some rights. Islam praises those whose obedience makes wives a great blessing of Allah for men.

Husband’s rights

The first right

The primary right of the hubby is that the wife ought to secure his respect and pride. Modesty is the best excellence of each man and lady. Be that as it may, it can particularly be known as a lady’s embellishment. The wife is respected by the husband. Her first duty is to protect it. A chaste and virtuous woman is the most precious asset in the world. No woman has the right to rob her husband of his honor.

The second right

The second right of the husband is that the wife should protect his property. She is the trustee of her husband’s property. A person can work outside the home in peace and contentment. Only when he is satisfied that his home and possessions are safe in his absence. Just as they are safe in his presence.

Who can protect the fruit’s hard work of the husband’s labor better than the wife? And who has the right estimate of the husband’s hard work and dedication and then in the protection of the husband’s property. There is also the interest of herself and his children. Which woman can harm herself and her children?

The third right

The third right of the husband is that the wife should take care of all the arrangements of her house and keep the house a model of paradise. With her good arrangement.

When wife budgets for her home, she is the finance minister of her state. And When she trains her children, she is like the Minister of Education. When she draws up an administrative code, she has the status of a law minister. No matter how she manages her house. Her status is no less than that of a minister in this small state.

A thoughtful woman feels as much happiness in a strategic destination as a minister of state feels at work.

The fourth right

The fourth right of the husband is that the wife should obey him. People with a sense of inferiority also consider this obedience to be slavery. But according to Islam, the concept of this obedience is to maintain the order of the family and the system.

The man is given status over the woman because of his natural abilities. The supervisor has been created. From an administrative point of view, however, supreme authority is necessary. The wife is the authority of the house and the husband is the supreme authority. It is not administrative, subjugated, and compelled. But has vast powers. The Supreme Authority has the right to intervene only when a matter falls out of the authority’s control. It is a slavish mentality to consider such a great authority as a slave.

On the other hand, the supreme authority of the husband does not mean that he takes advantage of it and oppresses. His wife and keeps her as a slave. The Qur’an al-Hakim uses the word “spouse” for wife and husband, which automatically includes the aspect of equality and equality.

Only Islam has given equal status and companionship to the wife. Before Islam, the word “woman” for wife included the aspect of the inferiority of the wife. But Islam gave her the word “wife” (wife spouse), not inferiority, but equality and equality. Aspect included. From an Islamic point of view, a wife is a spouse, not a slave.

Wives are not ready to make up for their husbands. As soon as the husband enters the house. The same dusty face, thick body, rotten clothes, dry hair, make a masculine voice, and says in anger, they must have forgotten to bring such and such thing. I know you don’t do a job properly, and so on.

Here the husband slowly begins to move away from his wife. Then he becomes more interested in mobile, television and friends than his wife. If there is the fear of God in faith and heart. Then he controls himself and sometimes faith is weak. When the fear of God is less, it becomes a relationship with women outside.

Everyone wants his wife to look young, fresh, and beautiful. Everyone wants his wife to talk romantically. But the answer from women is that it doesn’t happen after children. Who will take care of the children who will do the housework? In all these cases the condition of the person gets worse.

And then the result is that husbands are busy on their mobile phones, friends are busy. He doesn’t get distracted from office work, he comes home late.

If a woman keeps the atmosphere of her room romantic for her husband. Prepare yourself for your husband.

If you keep your voice soft while talking to your husband. Then the husband will find excuses from his office sooner rather than later to home.

Take care of cleanliness,

Keep yourself active,

Keep a glow in your eyes

Put a smile on your face

It is very important to use a comb and light fragrance in the hair. So that it does not get sweaty from outside and spoil the surrounding environment with the stench.

Don’t let the hair on your head get dry.

What to do if husband have a beard, if you have a beard, keep it tinted,

It is a clean shave. Keep your face clean from dust and sweat

Means wife also likes her husband young, beautiful, fresh and active.

The purpose of all this is to beautify each other. To be ready for each other, in the life of a husband and wife, it is very important. It increases love, boredom goes away, and the home environment remains beautiful.

That is why we must first change ourselves. Otherwise, the life you ​​celebrate as a paradise becomes a source of anguish for man. When a man arrives home exhausted, his wife smiles at him. It can be the end of all fatigue, but it should not be a show. But it should be from the depths of the heart. Take her stuff in her hand and ask her with love.

If you take this advice, you will be the best woman in her eyes. Don’t let it happen that he hasn’t set foot in the house yet. And have fallen victim to the wrath of the housewife. Runaway from his day’s hard work to vent your anger on him. This would be the biggest nonsense. However, the wife does not give him the slightest respect, but makes him a practice board and tear him down from your sight. This will be the cause of mutual hatred and malice, the result of which is nothing but trouble.

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Know The Habits That Makes People Unhappy

As you all know, our good and bad habits have a profound effect on our lives. To say that success or failure in a goal depends on our habits would be an understatement. While good habits help us to reach our destination faster and also make our lives happier.

But remember, it is not easy to get good habits and get rid of bad ones. People who give up trying to adopt a good habit out of desperation will never be able to fully enjoy the joys of this beautiful life.

In this regard, below are the seven habits that make people unhappy. So you can also develop yourself by contrasting and investigating your habits with them.

Seven Habits Of Unhappy People

1. According to the first habit, unhappy people always seem to complain and criticize. Not only do they disagree with the views of others but they also become irritated when they are not obeyed.

2. The second habit is to get lost in the past. Instead of learning from the past and moving on, these people spoil their present, which has a clear effect on their future.

3. The third common habit is to worry about future responsibilities unnecessarily ahead of time. The ill-effects of which affect our health as well as our minds.

4. Now the fourth habit that is mention is to stay in your comfort zone. The biggest disadvantage of this is to waste your abilities. When we confine ourselves to a place, we waste many useful opportunities, the regret of which destroys the good mood of the people.

5. According to the fifth common habit, people work lazily and reluctantly in fulfilling the important goals and essential tasks of their daily lives. Then there is a lot of irritability and dryness in the nature due to any damage or lying down.

6. The sixth common habit is the use of unnecessary and substandard food. Which affects our digestion. Because when the stomach is upset or full, along with the body, our mind also becomes sluggish and useless. Then when we start to get tired quickly, we start to feel helpless and bad tempered.

7. The seventh and last habit of those who are unhappy is to always compare their situation with others. This not only makes people feel inferior but also makes them lonely and stops enjoying life.

So friends, here are seven key habits that can make people unhappy. They affect not only the human being but also the people around him. If you are also a victim of such habits, start trying to change yourself today so that you can become the favorite person of the people, while also enjoying this precious life to the fullest.

Remember, the most unhappy people in the world are those who don’t want to do anything.  Happiness comes to those who do their job to the fullest. Because then comes a wonderful time of rest and refreshment.  True happiness comes from doing the work of the day in a correct way. 

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The Critical Role Of Conflict In Marriage That Can Destroy Your Inner Peace

No marriage or relationship can go without debate or quarrel. The critical role of Conflict In Marriage or some fights need to understand which escalate a lot and the matter goes to a separation. While some husband-wife fights prove to be quite interesting and fun. In which the fun starts happening in a short time.

Some experts believe that fights between husbands and wives can be healthy as it can help them to solve problems in their relationship. Problems in marriage or relationships arise when people fail to solve those issues. Due to which their mind is disturbed and the risk of weakening the relationship starts increasing.

Sometimes the feelings arising from too many untold troubles can lead to disappointment. Which can later lead to big fights between couples. Often when two people fight, they start taunting each other whether they angry or not. Talking to each other is the most important to solve any problem. Now it is important for you not to consider all fights as healthy. Because some fights are not like this.

Fights between spouses that cause more problems instead of solving the problem. Especially if they repeatedly quarrel over something or the other. In this article, we are telling you about the taunts they often recite to each other in a quarrel between husband and wife. You may also laugh at such taunts as it happens most often among especially in Indian spouses.

The Critical Role Of Conflict In Marriage That Can Destroy Your Inner Peace Just check It Out.

Why Do You Always Keep Wet Towels On The Bed

If we have to choose a small taunt, which all married husbands in India get to hear is – the fight to keep a wet towel in bed?  It does not need to say that most of the time the husband is the culprit here. However, it is very fun to find out how most couples fight to put a wet towel to bed after their wedding.

Mother’s Hand Tea

Another famous cause of quarrel between husbands and wives is ‘Mother’s hand tea’. Most of the new couples in India are debated about this argument. About which people themselves do not know why this reasoning goes. Whether you accept it or not.

But most Indian wives at some point in their lives listen to their husbands comparing cooking to food prepared by their mother. When you concentrate, you will find that you must also have compared the food of your wife to your mother.

Instead of Spending Time With Me, Being Friends And Working

After newly married often wives complain that their husbands do not give them time. Whether to go out for work or to spend time with friends. Yes, every boy likes to a night out with his friends. While some might like to spend time with his wife. This is the reason for the frequent debate in most households with newlyweds. But when the husband gives surprises to his wife he can maintain peace in the house.

You Don’t Like My Parents

This is the same old saying that most Indian couples are found guilty. Marriage ties two individuals together as well as brings their family closer. It is consequently expected that hitched couples treat their parents in law simply like their parents. In any case, it isn’t in every case simple to do this, at any rate in the first place it occurs. Along these lines, recently wedded couples are frequently observed contending about whether they like or dislike their parents in law.

Stop Behaving Like A Bachelor’s

man will always be man, you must have heard this many times. While most Indian women prepare for their new roles as wives. Some men take time to adjust to their marital lives. It is no surprise that they would still like to party like they used to do before and a little too flirt. It should not be surprised when a wife would object to such a bachelor’s behavior and argue with her husband.

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Why You Need to know Relationship Anxiety for Happy Life

Why You Need To know Relationship Anxiety For Happy Life

It is said that the building and ruining a relationship is in God’s hands. But it is always in your hands to maintain it. Any new relationship we build in the initial days is full of energy and hope. Because of this, we see everything as good. To build a relationship we often ignore the minor evils of the partner. But as time goes we get to know new things about the partner. At such time in the relationship many times, we start to see some signs that indicate that the relationship has caused or is going to cause stress for you. Experts call it relationship anxiety. In today’s time, many couples go through relationship anxiety.

Why You Need to know Relationship Anxiety for Happy Life

Relationship stress affects your life, career, and mental health. The sooner you understand that your relationship is causing trouble for you is the better. Know The Relationship Anxiety First. So today we are telling you 5 signs of relationship anxiety.

Negative thoughts are coming to your mind

After coming into a new relationship if negative thoughts are constantly coming to your mind. About the relationship, the partner, or the future of the relationship then it is not the right sign. You cannot handle a relationship half-heartedly. Take things forward, think properly, and decide your side. So that the separation can be avoided later. otherwise, it becomes difficult for you to return.

If you are afraid to commit

According to science opposite sex attracts each other. This is the reason that boys and girls in adolescence or puberty are ready to come into a relationship. As soon as they come near each other. But if you are afraid of commitments in a new relationship. It means that it is difficult for you to maintain and preserve the relationship for a long time. There is either yes, or no in the relationship. There is nothing like Complicated.

You are slowly seeing everything negative

When you come into a relationship. In the early days, the person shows only their good quality in front of you. Because he or she also has to impress you. But after getting into a relationship, you get a chance to understand that person more deeply. If you can see everything negative on such a stage. Then this is a sign that it is not right for you to be in a relationship. Such a relationship will stress you. You may have to face more difficulties in getting out of it later.

If fights have increased between you

It is a normal thing to debate on small things that happen in every relationship. But a fight reveals the seriousness of the case. If there is a quarrel between you and your partner often and you cry or worry about this. Then it means that the relationship is becoming a burden for you. It is very important to respect the agreements and disagreements of both people in the relationship. If one person starts dominating another, the relationship becomes tense.

If you are afraid to talk to a partner

It is often seen that from the very beginning of the relationship. your partner dominates you so much that you are afraid to talk to him in any way. Being afraid to talk to a partner is not the hallmark of a good relationship. There may be hesitation once in talking to someone else. But you should have the freedom to speak openly about yourself and your relationship with your partner. If it is not, at that point you are feeling the squeeze of the relationship and the circumstance is brimming with pressure.

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8 Financial Planning Can Make Newly Married Couples Lives Easier

Money is often the biggest obstacle and trouble in the happy life of a couple. Many times in a good relationship there is a gap due to money. However, some couples spend money in a very clever way. Here are 8 Financial Planning Can Make Newly Married Couples Lives Easier.

1. Do Plan And Stay Happy

In today’s time, most of the husband and wife are working. In this case, mutual talk on Money Matter is necessary. It is important to share your responsibility. Decide among yourselves how much you will spend and on what things. So there will be no quarrel and this planning of yours will always keep you happy.

2. Make Decisions

It is not necessary to have the same consent of both partners at all times. Your mind is trying to move around but at that time your partner wants to save a little. So this may be the reason for the fight. Talk together on needs and goals with mutual discussions. Say your thoughts and listen to your partner empathically.

3. Share Expenses

It is difficult for a single partner to spend hence share together. If you are shopping for a house, then discuss it among yourself first. In this way trust in your relationship increase. Who will pay the different bills of the house should already be fixed and decide how much money to spend in which place.

4. Open A Joint Account

When both of you are spending some money together. It is also important to keep the savings option open. Both of you should open a joint account. So that when the money comes and when gone you will know it. Therefore both of you can not be accused of each other spending too much money.

5. Loan Payment

Many times due to some reason, one has to take a loan before or after marriage. But after marriage, it becomes the responsibility of both of you to pay the loan. In such a situation you can pay the loan by supporting each other. If you want you can reduce spending money on unnecessary things.

6. Home Expenses List

Decide all the expenses of this month in advance in detail. You should keep your important expenses at the top and the non-essential expenses below. In this way, there is no shortage of money among yourselves. In this way, there is no burden for the sudden expenses when needed.

7. Investment Issue

It has often been seen that a husband or wife gets into a quarrel or tension regarding the property, bank balance, gold, etc. Because the woman wants to invest in jewelry while husband in the property. Everyone has their desires and needs. There is no harm in this. There doesn’t need to be a mutual agreement, it would be good that this issue also is resolved by negotiation by expert advice.

8. Know Each Other’s Nature

Many couples are aware of each other’s expensive nature. They already know when and where their partner is going to spend. So they already manage everything about it. Happy couples spend their money in a very effective way so that they can do some savings that are unexpected help them when the time comes.

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5 Simple Ways To Reduce Cortisol Hormone Quickly

Cortisol is also called the stress hormone because this hormone is produced due to stress. It assumes a significant role in numerous capacities in our bodyBut its high amount also causes damage to the body in many ways. Whenever you are afraid or stressed, your adrenal gland starts producing cortisol. When normal stress hormones increase cortisol can give you diseases like obesity and blood pressure. This can affect your memory and cause diabetes. Let us tell you how you can reduce cortisol hormone quickly.

How do you decrease Cortisol hormone quickly

Don’t take too much stress

Taking too much stress is harmful to y our mental health as well as your physical health. Whatever is the cause of stress, try to correct it. Excess stress creates more cortisol in your body. Which is dangerous for your health as it can cause many serious diseases. Ask yourself what you need to do to solve this problem.

Massage is also beneficial

Massage is considered the most effective way to relieve stress. The right message not only gives relief to your muscles but also keeps your nervous system in good shape. If you are under stress, then massage your forehead and head with your favorite scented oil. Apart from this taking a bath many times also reduces stress. Let me tell you that many times people feel very hungry due to stress or want to eat different things. In such a situation you will have to monitor your hunger. Eating more than the body needs will be harmful to you.

Do exercise and yoga

With Yoga, you can reduce the cortisol hormones in your body. If you do only 30 minutes every morning, you will never have stress, depression, or other mental troubles. You can also exercise to control cortisol. In any case, remember that over the top exercise can likewise be hazardous in such a circumstance. Therefore exercise only 30-45 minutes in a day.

Get enough sleep

The level of cortisol in our body also depends on how long you sleep, how deep you sleep, and when you sleep. If the amount of cortisol in your body has increased, it is because you are not able to sleep properly. So take at least 6-7 hours of sleep in 24 hours. This will keep your mood fresh. While sleeping, also keeps in mind that daytime sleep is not good for the body, so sleep at the right time at night. Apart from this, deep sleep is necessary for good sleep.

Do Your Favorite Work

When you do your favorite work, your brain gets relaxed and the emission of happy hormones starts. So do your favorite things like watching movies, listening to songs, reading books, going for a walk or playing sports. So that your brain will relax and cortisol levels also reduced.

Playing with animals makes our mind very relaxed. This activates oxytines, endorphins, and other healing hormones in the brain. These hormones act as self-healing for the body. So playing with pets can be very beneficial for you. So when your cortisol increases and you feel stressed, then spend time with your pet.

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How Students Can Use Social Media In A Positive Way

In the 21st century, the magic of social media is speaking loudly. Look, everyone is riding the horse of social media. On the one hand, we are getting information very fast because of social media. On the other hand, there are losses. Where social media use increases day by day, its misuse is also on the rise. From children to the elder’s everyone has access to social media. In this article, we will talk about how students can positively use social media.

If any news published in one corner of the world, it reaches the other corner of it immediately. That is why the world has become a global village just because of social media.

Use Social Media In A Positive Way

The first guideline of social media life for pupils is to consider the outcomes of the post you are going to share. Regardless of whether it is advantageous or unsafe for the general public. Consequently, a deliberate and helpful post ought to be shared.

If you discover later that your post isn’t substantial, erase it right away. At the point when You are posting anything then remember your age, calling, and status. Whatever post you are posting, see whether it is from an ensured source or not. Get it confirmed by at least two sources. Once it is confirmed, then you share.

When you share or post look at the date. It should be up-to-date. In some cases, the old post of the perished is shared. A few days have gone since the declaration of the vanishing when the kid has discovered his guardian.

Remember never share a post that spreads frustration and confusion in society. Avoid posts that incite cast and racial hatred. Don’t share a post that hurts anyone. If someone likes a post then allow it. Take it and reshare it.

If a post is against your nature ignore it instead of criticizing it and move on. If you become a part of a political party and publish its good and bad posts then workers from other parties will hate you. So publish democratic and constructive posts of your party as well as other parties also.

Use Social Media In A Positive Way

Make online friends only those people you know before or they are already your friends. Don’t make friends any stranger on Facebook or other social media. Treat everyone in the same. If you discriminate it will reduce your friends. Like all the comments and finally thank everyone.

So it may be best for you to avoid joining groups of the opposite sex, younger than you, older, or less serious. Join social groups that are of a similar age as your friends. Try not to talk about the private issues of any individual. Try not to affront anybody. In some cases, things go so hazardous via web-based networking media.

Try not to remark more than once on any post. Try not to let control disrupt everything. On the off chance that someone is demonstrating weapons, food, or drink, or someone is spreading evil, dismiss it and don’t comment on it. When sharing a post, don’t name any insignificant individual, and make a point to never make a fake ID, don’t upset anyone, and don’t cheat anyone.

If you have gone on a picnic with your family, don’t post pictures of it on social media. This could give thieves a chance to clean your house. Your opponents can take advantage of this opportunity. Of course, when you return home, you can share a few pictures.

You should respect each other’s opinions and promote a culture of democracy, destructiveness, and tolerance on social media. In the end, I will say students become social media users and live a successful life.

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What Are You Willing To Do For More Happiness Success And Motivation

At present moment, it seems strange to use the word ‘happiness’ in the changes and uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 corona virus. But it is also a fact that human life is incomplete without this word and its feeling.  Until we re-enlighten ourselves with this feeling, we will not be able to get out of the effects of this virus mentally.

Happiness is a nine-letter word that every person in the universe wants to have in every moment of their life. But it goes like a clever bird from one branch to another and from one habitat to another. The branch on which it sits opens up and from where it goes, sorrow ness like a black crow “caw” can be heard everywhere and the branch looks tired and withered. What is this happiness?

According to psychologists:

“Being happy is the name of the state of mind when we like the whole world.  Negative thoughts go away and we feel healthier.”

From a social point of view, achieving everything you want is happiness. Gathering all the comforts and all the blessings of the world with you is the result of happiness and interestingly, the scale of happiness of each person is different from the other. For some, it is a pleasure to get rid of one’s worries. Makes spending pleasure time with childhood friends. Someone likes people love them and they love peoples. It is a pleasure for someone to end the exam. If the work of the customize gives happiness to someone. Then according to someone, peace of mind is happiness. This list is not enough to end because everyone’s happiness is different.

Get More Happiness Success And Motivation

Happiness is the explanation of the vast majority of the planet’s stress. Being cheerful is likewise workmanship and it ought to adapt consistently. Unfortunately, we are not shown the fundamental craft of being cheerful. Even though our religious teachings are so positive and powerful that if we follow them, the complaint of not being happy in life will go away. Happiness is actually about your endurance, the stronger your endurance, the happier you will be.

An individual who doesn’t blow up with individuals and endures contrasts with an open heart is consistently upbeat. If you have learned to tolerate things that go against your temper, you have learned the art of being happy. You can be happy if you are not jealous of people’s happiness but join with happiness from the heart.

If you do not complain about your fate and do not express your grief and sorrow to anyone but God, then you will be happy.  And If you get the word ‘God’ out of your mouth even when you get the smallest blessing and the biggest difficulty, then you are lucky.

If you have started to think of the success of others instead of dropping people and rising above yourself. Leaving others behind and thinking good of others, then believe me you have learned to be happy. As long as you keep looking for happiness in the things of the moment, happiness will go over time.

Psychologists say that one of the main causes of anxiety, grief, the restlessness of heart and soul, and unhappiness is “dissatisfaction with what you have”. In this regard, it is necessary to remember this blessed “Be content with what God has ordained for you, then you will become one of the richest people.” 

It is not uncommon not to get what you want, but it should be taken as a routine. But we make it sad and miserable instead of normal and then the same sadness and unhappiness. Sometimes psychological stress leads to physical illnesses.

Nothing or worldly possessions certainly bring spiritual peace and happiness unless God blesses it. Many people in this world are not happy despite the abundance of wealth. On the other hand, there are many people for whom meeting the necessities of life is a great hardship but they are happy and calm. 

Happiness is not something that can be seen or achieved. Peace cannot be seen and satisfaction cannot be touched. How can something invisible be found in visible material things?

Psychologists and social scientists have told humans a few principles to be happy. And if they are followed, a butterfly called happiness may begin to hover around you.

1.  Positive Psychology

Get More Motivation

If you want to be happy for a long time, adopt positive Psychology. Get in the habit of taking the positive side out of every negative thing. Take a moment to review your life for at least forty days and count its three positive aspects. Count any three blessings given by God. After forty days, your mind will automatically start counting the positive aspects of your life and become a part of your Psychology. Will help keep you happy.

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2. Give importance to the smallest success

Sitting tight for incredible satisfaction or extraordinary accomplishment to be happy throughout everyday life and caught up with attempting to accomplish it can never give you genuine happiness. Rather than trusting that a major fight will occur, celebrate in little accomplishments and delights as though you have conquered the world.

3. Keep balance in life

Set your life priorities and make work and leisure a part of your life in balance. Don’t simply concentrate on work and don’t surrender important assets like life for no reason in particular. Make standard time for yourself, loved ones. Make sure you plan to meet at least once a week because life is not just about work but also about spending time with your loved ones.

4. Adopt creative thinking

Get More Happiness Success And Motivation

Man’s thinking has a profound effect on his mood. This will give you happiness if you keep constructive and creative thinking away from the traditional thinking of society. Creative activities such as writing, coloring can make your mood happy. Creation is an attribute of God. If you give some of it then you are lucky.

5. Admit your flaws

You cannot be successful and happy unless you openly acknowledge your shortcomings. Everyone is a combination of strengths and weaknesses. Acknowledge your shortcomings and try to correct them because you will be rewarded for that effort soon in the future.

6. Choose the job you want

Don’t use God-given abilities in a job that doesn’t suit your nature.  Always choose the area of ​​your interest so that you can pay for it.  Don’t let the precious resources of your life be wasted on the work that is done with carelessness and burden.

7. Live in the present

To be happy, one must forget the bitterness of the past and trust in God for the future. Forget things you can’t change. Yours today is in your hands now. So get in the habit of living in today.

 8. Be confident

Get More Happiness Success And Motivation

God has put some ideals in each person. Realize your strengths and do not consider yourself inferior to others. Make sure no one else has the skills and talents you have. You will be confident and happy when you recognize your abilities.

9. Do not compare with others

If you want to be happy, never compare your life with the lives of those around you. Even a happy person can hide his sadness and a seemingly miserable person can be satisfied in spite of his bad condition. Be thankful for what you have been given, do not look at the blessings given to others.

10. Keep reminding yourself of your strengths

Every human being has innumerable virtues big or small. One day, if you are sadder, sit down with a pen and paper and write down your virtues and remind yourself. Of course, you will feel great.

We all know that this life is temporary and short. So do the things that make eternal life easier in this short and temporary life. Work on good deeds so that you may depart from this world with contentment and be with true happiness in eternal life because God has declared Paradise as the only place where there will be no fear and sorrow.

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10 Best Way To Teaching Children At Home During Covid-19

According to various experts, there are many benefits to teaching children at home

Millions of children around the world, including India, are currently confined to their homes for fear of the Corona epidemic. But if they are not taught, they will quickly forget their lesson.

In this regard, prominent teachers in the United States and Europe have outlined some methods that can be very useful for parents who are concerned about their children’s education. Here I am going to share with you 10 Best ways to teaching children at home during Covid-19.

 1: Decorate the school, make it a routine

Teaching Children At Home

Allocate a room at home for a virtual school. If possible, have children wear uniforms so that they can psychologically understand it during school hours. This is the advice of Brian Gallon, a teacher who says children are addicted and take advantage of it. Also, announce the timetable and schedule. Children can also be consulted so that they can take an interest.

Micah Sheppi, an eighth-grade social studies teacher, says homeschooling should be half the time of actual school. If they study 6 hours in school, then you make home school hours 3 hours.

 2: Use a planner

Write to the children and give them work under the planner. Christina, who teaches English to sixth graders, says to write down each child’s daily routine in a planner that will motivate the children and motivate them to work harder.

3: Interval during lessons

Caitlin Dolphin, a fifth-grade teacher, says that although school or half-time at school is their own, give them a few moments of leisure to talk about each lesson at home. Then teach the lesson of the second article.

4: Get help from teachers

Caitlin’s other suggestion is that not all parents can be teachers because familiarity with educational psychology is essential. Nor can parents become teachers in a few days. Help can also be sought from a teacher around you or online. There are several educators on Facebook who are there to help.

 5: Take care of children’s mental health

mental health
mental health

There is no doubt that this epidemic has caused psychological problems for all of us. That is why it is so important to check the mental health of children because they are feeling trapped. Try to keep them as positive as possible.

If they want to play with you for a while, don’t refuse. If you want to take a walk at home, do it.

 6: Pay attention to the acquisition trend

Remember that each student learns in their way and their learning ability is also different. So keep thinking about how to teach your child. If that doesn’t work, take another step. But remember that children’s homeschooling is very effective, it just needs to be adapted to the child’s needs, values ​​, and lifestyle.

 7: Get help online

Teaching Children At Home

There are many lectures by authoritative teachers on YouTube and other platforms on home reading and teaching. You can also get guidance from them. These websites include News ELA and Red Works.  Remember the Brain Pop website for teaching science.  Dreambox and Zarn’s website can be useful for maths.

 8: All involved in teaching

If the parents themselves teach the child, it will motivate the children and you will definitely learn something yourself. Craig Kanner, an educational psychologist, says that both father and mother teach children. As soon as you get involved in teaching children, the best results will begin to emerge.

 9: Put the children’s opinion first

It’s time to dump her and move on. The secret of how much they are interested in the subject will be revealed to you. Throughout the homework process, keep asking children what they are learning and what they are interested in.

Take their issues personally

10:  Take their issues personally

Whenever a child is having trouble, handle it properly, and do not scold him in front of everyone. Or do anything else but take them separately and explain. It will be very easy to do. If a child fights with their bother and sister or does something during home school. Explain to him that you are not happy with his behavior and instead of scolding him, explain it with love. Because children understand only the language of love.

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