People Who Think How To Become Rich But Still Remain Poor

There are two kinds of people in the world, one rich and another is poor. Poverty-minded people, even if they become rich by chance, become poor again. The famous Indian TV program “Who Became a Millionaire”, there has been a lot of discussion on how to become a millionaire through this program. Many people opposed it and some people became millionaires from it. But no one says what happened to those who became millionaires overnight?

In 2005, the country’s leading English newspaper, The Telegraph, published a report in which the current situation of millionaires from the TV show was reviewed. Most of them were found to be as poor as before. There were very few people who could stay rich.

In fact, man is the product of ideas. It is his thoughts that make him rich or poor.

what does it mean??

This means that whether it is poverty or wealth, it is the name of a “mindset”.  Today, in this write-up, there are 5 types of people who want to become rich, try but still remain poor.

1. People who are afraid of failure

There is no such thing as failure in the world. We either succeed or we learn something. Success is not final and failure is also not final. Only courage can be seen as long as you persevere.

What if I fail?

What will people say?

This thinking doesn’t allow you to move forward and you can’t experiment and end up with your own ideas. When thinking like that

“It’s very difficult.”

“It’s very Dangerous”

“It’s not my job.”

“I don’t have the skills to do anything.”

“Has anyone done this before?”

Rich people are never afraid of failure. They know that failure is the first step to success.

2. Complainants

Complainants are always poor, poor people say “cause” of their poverty. They say I have no background. I could not do anything due to lack of capital, government policies are wrong. The market is not running, the lockdown is down, and the weather is not right, and so on.

3. People who stop learning

Poor people usually think they know everything. Don’t want to learn anything from anyone. Spend more time on social media, focus more on entertainment than learning. Your success never goes beyond your “personality development”. This means that the more you learn, the more you will succeed. Rich people travel to learn and spend money. The money spent is considered an investment by rich people. While poor people feel humiliated to learn something from someone. And often get prejudiced.

4. People who do not do their self- accountability

Instead of peeking inside, they look at the outside world every time. They have a reason, someone told me so …  So … because of such and such bullying … they compete with others. While rich people try to overcome their inner weaknesses and are always ready to improve themselves. Remember that only those who talk about what is in their hand are never poor.

5. Quickly accept defeat

People who get tired quickly and surrender quickly become poor. People who are not afraid of hard work and stand firm and fly away eventually move on. Poor people get scared of a little work.  And give up very soon.

The owner of KFC, Colonel Sanders,  went to a thousand people with the recipe of KFC. He told his dream that he wants to open KFC shops all over the world. Some thought he was crazy and many made fun of him. Finally, in 1952, he met Patty Herman at a conference. And the two partnered to establish the Kentucky Fried Chicken. Which today is the second most prestigious large fast-food chain in the world after McDonald’s. It is often the case that success is imminent and we lose heart just before that.

So if you don’t want to be poor, get up

Don’t be afraid of failures!

Stop complaining!

Learn new things!

Do your own calculations!

And don’t give up in a hurry!

Be happy, keep sharing happiness

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