5 Simple Ways To Reduce Cortisol Hormone Quickly

Cortisol is also called the stress hormone because this hormone is produced due to stress. It assumes a significant role in numerous capacities in our bodyBut its high amount also causes damage to the body in many ways. Whenever you are afraid or stressed, your adrenal gland starts producing cortisol. When normal stress hormones increase cortisol can give you diseases like obesity and blood pressure. This can affect your memory and cause diabetes. Let us tell you how you can reduce cortisol hormone quickly.

How do you decrease Cortisol hormone quickly

Don’t take too much stress

Taking too much stress is harmful to y our mental health as well as your physical health. Whatever is the cause of stress, try to correct it. Excess stress creates more cortisol in your body. Which is dangerous for your health as it can cause many serious diseases. Ask yourself what you need to do to solve this problem.

Massage is also beneficial

Massage is considered the most effective way to relieve stress. The right message not only gives relief to your muscles but also keeps your nervous system in good shape. If you are under stress, then massage your forehead and head with your favorite scented oil. Apart from this taking a bath many times also reduces stress. Let me tell you that many times people feel very hungry due to stress or want to eat different things. In such a situation you will have to monitor your hunger. Eating more than the body needs will be harmful to you.

Do exercise and yoga

With Yoga, you can reduce the cortisol hormones in your body. If you do only 30 minutes every morning, you will never have stress, depression, or other mental troubles. You can also exercise to control cortisol. In any case, remember that over the top exercise can likewise be hazardous in such a circumstance. Therefore exercise only 30-45 minutes in a day.

Get enough sleep

The level of cortisol in our body also depends on how long you sleep, how deep you sleep, and when you sleep. If the amount of cortisol in your body has increased, it is because you are not able to sleep properly. So take at least 6-7 hours of sleep in 24 hours. This will keep your mood fresh. While sleeping, also keeps in mind that daytime sleep is not good for the body, so sleep at the right time at night. Apart from this, deep sleep is necessary for good sleep.

Do Your Favorite Work

When you do your favorite work, your brain gets relaxed and the emission of happy hormones starts. So do your favorite things like watching movies, listening to songs, reading books, going for a walk or playing sports. So that your brain will relax and cortisol levels also reduced.

Playing with animals makes our mind very relaxed. This activates oxytines, endorphins, and other healing hormones in the brain. These hormones act as self-healing for the body. So playing with pets can be very beneficial for you. So when your cortisol increases and you feel stressed, then spend time with your pet.

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