This Is How You Can Keep Lungs Healthy And Safe In The Phase Of COVID-19

The lungs act as air filters for the body. Even minor defects can cause many serious problems. Take special care of this organ during the time of COVID infection. And keep lungs healthy and safe in the phase of COVID-19.

If we talk about the major organs of the body. Then from this point of view, the lungs are of the greatest importance because of these we can breathe. Together with the nose and respiratory tubes. They work to deliver pure oxygen inside the body and expel carbon dioxide. Even though they occur inside the body, they are most affected by any kind of infection or pollution. Coronavirus also directly affects a person’s lungs. The most worrying thing is that no such technology is available yet in the field of medical science that lungs can be transplanted like kidney, liver, or heart. Hence we need to keep lungs healthy and safe in the phase of COVID-19 and take special care of our lungs.

How it’s work

Every cell needs pure oxygen to keep our body alive. The responsibility for accomplishing this rests on our respiratory system. Which, along with the nose, respiratory tubes, and lungs, conducts the breathing and exhalation process. During breathing, air through the nose reaches the lungs. Some parts of the dust and particulate bacteria present in it. And get filter within the nose but this is not enough.

In the lungs, there are numerous innumerable small air-like ventilators, known as acinus. These air systems in the lungs filter the air again. In this way, blood gets oxygen and through the heart. Pure oxygen-rich blood is supply to every part of the body. After this, the lungs filter the remaining air again by filtering out the harmful elements present in the body through the process of exhaling. If the lungs do not do their job properly, bacteria and viruses present in the contaminated air can enter the blood. And damage other major organs of the body, including the heart.

Therefore, for a healthy and active life, the lungs of a person should also be completely strengthened. And this will be possible only when we understand the functioning of the lungs and take care of their safety.

When is the blockage

The virus and bacteria present in the environment cause lung infection and inflammation, which is called pneumonia. Fast or slow breathing, hearing of wheezing, cough, and fever are the main symptoms. The immune system of young children and the elderly is very weak. Therefore, this problem is often seen in them. Pollution is the biggest enemy of the lungs. Harmful chemicals begin to accumulate in the lungs and respiratory tubes of people who smoke more.

Usually, the airways are slightly wet from inside but due to smoke, dust, and air pollution. The lubricant inside them gets dried and clings to the inner walls of the respiratory tubes. This causes a person to have trouble breathing. In the changing climate, harmful bacteria are more active and the immune system has to work harder to fight them. So some people have trouble breathing even during this time. In severe conditions, there is also obstruction in the way of reaching oxygen to the brain. Such a condition is called CPOD i.e. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

In such a situation, the patient needs to be administered with a nebulizer, and the doctor checks with a pulse oximeter to check whether the brain is getting enough oxygen. If oxygen saturation in the brain is less than 90 percent, then a person needs to be given oxygen separately. In such a situation, it may also be possible to get him to admit to the hospital for some time. In some special situations, severe cases of CPOD require a pulse oximeter, oxygen cylinder, or concentrator to be kept at home. These devices are very easy to use. And with the help of these, the breathing process becomes easier for the patient.

Prevention is better than treatment

If you want to protect yourself from serious diseases like COPD, pneumonia, and TB, then stay away from smoking. Do wear a mask while stepping out of the house. Always keep the glass of the car closed. Take care of the cleanliness in the house to protect children from infection. The action of Anulom-Antonym is also helpful in keeping the lungs healthy. Despite this, if you have trouble breathing, consult a doctor without delay.

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