11 productive things students can do during COVID-19 Lockdown

Today students confined to the house doesn’t mean they can’t do anything. In their spare time, students can perform a variety of tasks at home, such as painting and crafting, writing exercises, reading online books, learning different languages, watching educational videos and documentaries, playing educational games, and planning a career. Learning to cook etc. here are 11 productive things students can do during COVID-19 Lockdown

Corona virus causes “lockdowns” in countries around the world and people confined to their homes. Most people who go to office work from home. The country’s roads and streets are thrilling. The government, police and medical experts are advising people not to leave their homes. Of course, you will also be at home and not going out unnecessarily. Students get summer vacation in mid-April or late. But in these circumstances, schools, and colleges have been closed and examinations up to eighth grade have also been postponed.

Since the students are at home and they have this spare time, they should not waste it, but use it properly in addition to their daily work during these times and try to do something creative. During this time students will be able to identify their hidden talents which will be helpful in the future. You can do a lot at home.

11 productive things students can do during COVID-19 Lockdown

1. Pray, recite the Quran

Students should observe the five daily prayers. If possible, offer supererogatory prayers. Also, recite the Quran with translation. If any problem arises, seek the help of an elder in the house. During this time prayers can also be memorized and more information about religion can be obtained. In addition to all these things, help your mother with household chores.

2. Do your favorite thing

Throughout the year, students are unable to concentrate on other pursuits. So they should do things they like these days, such as painting, sketching and crafting, and so on. Similarly, if a student has a passion for playing musical instruments, he can easily fulfill his passion while staying at home.

3. Read story books

While studying, students do not have enough time to read extracurricular books. Students can read stories in their spare time. If a student does not have a storybook, he or she can search for stories on the Internet and read them.

4. Writing practice

Many students love to write. He also writes stories and poems. In their spare time, students can improve their writing skills. By writing stories, they can get someone in the house to correct it. You can keep it safe by writing poems on various topics. So students who are interested in writing stories and poems take full advantage of this opportunity.

5. Learn languages

Students learn about 3 to 5 languages ​​in schools. Students try to master these languages. Repeat the grammar that learns throughout the year and try to speak different languages ​​with the family. In addition, there are many apps on the Play Store and Apple Store that allows students to learn foreign languages. So students should take advantage of this opportunity. And learn at least the basics of the languages ​​they want to learn.

11 productive things students can do during COVID-19 Lockdown

6. Online exams

Students can also take an online test to test their proficiency or proficiency in a language, especially English. There are many websites on the internet where these services are available 24 hours a day. You simply must be all the more separating with the assist you with rendering toward others. You will also get immediate results. That way you can understand your weaknesses and overcome them.


7. Learn gardening, cooking

In 11 productive things, students can do during Lockdown is gardening and cooking. Since students are at home, they can pay attention to this as well. Medical experts consider gardening to be an important and easy way to reduce stress. Students can grow and care for different plants in their home. The pots are not cleaned for the whole year due to lack of time. In the meantime, this work can be done now. Similarly, students can learn to cook. Inquire about different dishes with my mother and try to cook with her help. Some new dishes can also be made on YouTube or by reading recipe books.

8. Play educational games

During this time you can also play games with your siblings that sharpen the mind and develop the brain, such as mapping, educational cards, making as many words as possible from the Marathi Urdu, English, and alphabets. Finding any word in the dictionary in the shortest time, etc. This type of activity will not only increase the vocabulary of the students but will also sharpen their minds and they will learn to work more and better in less time.

9. Watch educational videos and documentaries

There are numerous educational videos and documentaries available on YouTube that students can add to their knowledge by watching. How to solve complex math problems in minutes, how to memorize mountains, how to understand addition and subtraction, how to solve the biggest number by clicking, etc., there are many such videos on YouTube. Students must see them.

There are also many documentaries on YouTube about the mysterious places of the world, unique things and the secrets of the universe. Students try to see them too.

10. Career Planning

career planning

Google can help in this work to find out. Which field to enter to become a pilot and what to do or what course is required to become a journalist etc.

11. Online books

Smartphones and the Internet have made things a lot easier. Students can read their favorite books online in their spare time. There are many websites on the internet where books on various topics are available, students can use these websites as per their choice.

Remember that wasting time is not wisdom but using it wisely and learning and teaching others is a sign of wisdom. so you have learned 11 productive things students can do during COVID-19 Lockdown in this article.

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