What Are You Willing To Do For More Happiness Success And Motivation

At present moment, it seems strange to use the word ‘happiness’ in the changes and uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 corona virus. But it is also a fact that human life is incomplete without this word and its feeling.  Until we re-enlighten ourselves with this feeling, we will not be able to get out of the effects of this virus mentally.

Happiness is a nine-letter word that every person in the universe wants to have in every moment of their life. But it goes like a clever bird from one branch to another and from one habitat to another. The branch on which it sits opens up and from where it goes, sorrow ness like a black crow “caw” can be heard everywhere and the branch looks tired and withered. What is this happiness?

According to psychologists:

“Being happy is the name of the state of mind when we like the whole world.  Negative thoughts go away and we feel healthier.”

From a social point of view, achieving everything you want is happiness. Gathering all the comforts and all the blessings of the world with you is the result of happiness and interestingly, the scale of happiness of each person is different from the other. For some, it is a pleasure to get rid of one’s worries. Makes spending pleasure time with childhood friends. Someone likes people love them and they love peoples. It is a pleasure for someone to end the exam. If the work of the customize gives happiness to someone. Then according to someone, peace of mind is happiness. This list is not enough to end because everyone’s happiness is different.

Get More Happiness Success And Motivation

Happiness is the explanation of the vast majority of the planet’s stress. Being cheerful is likewise workmanship and it ought to adapt consistently. Unfortunately, we are not shown the fundamental craft of being cheerful. Even though our religious teachings are so positive and powerful that if we follow them, the complaint of not being happy in life will go away. Happiness is actually about your endurance, the stronger your endurance, the happier you will be.

An individual who doesn’t blow up with individuals and endures contrasts with an open heart is consistently upbeat. If you have learned to tolerate things that go against your temper, you have learned the art of being happy. You can be happy if you are not jealous of people’s happiness but join with happiness from the heart.

If you do not complain about your fate and do not express your grief and sorrow to anyone but God, then you will be happy.  And If you get the word ‘God’ out of your mouth even when you get the smallest blessing and the biggest difficulty, then you are lucky.

If you have started to think of the success of others instead of dropping people and rising above yourself. Leaving others behind and thinking good of others, then believe me you have learned to be happy. As long as you keep looking for happiness in the things of the moment, happiness will go over time.

Psychologists say that one of the main causes of anxiety, grief, the restlessness of heart and soul, and unhappiness is “dissatisfaction with what you have”. In this regard, it is necessary to remember this blessed “Be content with what God has ordained for you, then you will become one of the richest people.” 

It is not uncommon not to get what you want, but it should be taken as a routine. But we make it sad and miserable instead of normal and then the same sadness and unhappiness. Sometimes psychological stress leads to physical illnesses.

Nothing or worldly possessions certainly bring spiritual peace and happiness unless God blesses it. Many people in this world are not happy despite the abundance of wealth. On the other hand, there are many people for whom meeting the necessities of life is a great hardship but they are happy and calm. 

Happiness is not something that can be seen or achieved. Peace cannot be seen and satisfaction cannot be touched. How can something invisible be found in visible material things?

Psychologists and social scientists have told humans a few principles to be happy. And if they are followed, a butterfly called happiness may begin to hover around you.

1.  Positive Psychology

Get More Motivation

If you want to be happy for a long time, adopt positive Psychology. Get in the habit of taking the positive side out of every negative thing. Take a moment to review your life for at least forty days and count its three positive aspects. Count any three blessings given by God. After forty days, your mind will automatically start counting the positive aspects of your life and become a part of your Psychology. Will help keep you happy.

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2. Give importance to the smallest success

Sitting tight for incredible satisfaction or extraordinary accomplishment to be happy throughout everyday life and caught up with attempting to accomplish it can never give you genuine happiness. Rather than trusting that a major fight will occur, celebrate in little accomplishments and delights as though you have conquered the world.

3. Keep balance in life

Set your life priorities and make work and leisure a part of your life in balance. Don’t simply concentrate on work and don’t surrender important assets like life for no reason in particular. Make standard time for yourself, loved ones. Make sure you plan to meet at least once a week because life is not just about work but also about spending time with your loved ones.

4. Adopt creative thinking

Get More Happiness Success And Motivation

Man’s thinking has a profound effect on his mood. This will give you happiness if you keep constructive and creative thinking away from the traditional thinking of society. Creative activities such as writing, coloring can make your mood happy. Creation is an attribute of God. If you give some of it then you are lucky.

5. Admit your flaws

You cannot be successful and happy unless you openly acknowledge your shortcomings. Everyone is a combination of strengths and weaknesses. Acknowledge your shortcomings and try to correct them because you will be rewarded for that effort soon in the future.

6. Choose the job you want

Don’t use God-given abilities in a job that doesn’t suit your nature.  Always choose the area of ​​your interest so that you can pay for it.  Don’t let the precious resources of your life be wasted on the work that is done with carelessness and burden.

7. Live in the present

To be happy, one must forget the bitterness of the past and trust in God for the future. Forget things you can’t change. Yours today is in your hands now. So get in the habit of living in today.

 8. Be confident

Get More Happiness Success And Motivation

God has put some ideals in each person. Realize your strengths and do not consider yourself inferior to others. Make sure no one else has the skills and talents you have. You will be confident and happy when you recognize your abilities.

9. Do not compare with others

If you want to be happy, never compare your life with the lives of those around you. Even a happy person can hide his sadness and a seemingly miserable person can be satisfied in spite of his bad condition. Be thankful for what you have been given, do not look at the blessings given to others.

10. Keep reminding yourself of your strengths

Every human being has innumerable virtues big or small. One day, if you are sadder, sit down with a pen and paper and write down your virtues and remind yourself. Of course, you will feel great.

We all know that this life is temporary and short. So do the things that make eternal life easier in this short and temporary life. Work on good deeds so that you may depart from this world with contentment and be with true happiness in eternal life because God has declared Paradise as the only place where there will be no fear and sorrow.

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